90’s Fashion Trends That Are Making A Comeback

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From Deborak Kek from THREAD SG

The trends we all thought were ‘so last season’ are starting to reappear and becoming the It items of this season — and even our favourite Korean celebrities have jumped onto the bandwagon.

Here are some 90s staples making a comeback:

1. Jelly Sandals

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Don’t be jelly — this cute footwear is back, and it’s here to slay. Iconic brands such as Forever 21 and Fenty X Puma have embraced this comeback trend that was once an essential part of our childhood and has now become a fashion must-have yet again!


2. Denim x Denim

90s 2.JPG

Whoever thought it was a good idea to pair the same fabrics together definitely hit the jackpot by pairing denim with denim. Celebrities like Brad Pitt and Heidi Klum had rocked this trend in the 90s, and now celebs like Miranda Kerr are bringing double denim back.


3. Chokers

90s 3.JPG

These cute accessories from the 90s are now back, chicer than before. Celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner have been seen sporting chokers and rocking them. The modern choker is a sleeker version that can be layered or bejwelled, depending on your preferred look.


4. Mom Jeans

90s 4.JPG

Don’t be fooled by the name, moms aren’t the only people who can wear it. A pair of high-waist, baggy jeans were once considered unflattering and unfashionable, but is all the rage these days. Princess Diana used to wear it in the 90s, but now that it’s back, and our favourite Korean stars like Suzy are wearing them too!


5. Fanny Packs

90s 5.JPG

Last but not least, this is the item you probably least expected! Yes, they are back and probably the most useful item to have in your wardrobe so far. They are now so fashionable that they are even seen on runways and sported by celebrities like Fergie, who uses it as a fashion accessory, as compared to the 90s, when people used it for practical reasons.

Which 90’s trend comeback is your favourite? Comment below!