Awesome Tips to Land the Man of Your Dreams


Are you wondering why you are still single? Or are you interested in a relationship but never gets asked out by man? Well, it will probably be because the man is already taken or simply are afraid to approach you. But no worries as these awesome tips may come in handy to land the man of your dreams. So let’s check out what you can learn and apply in real life to score a great guy!

1.    Always look presentable


Yes, looking good does require a lot of time and energy but trust me, it is worth it. Apply some makeup on, create your stylish OOTD and walk out with confidence. Men will surely notice your existence as soon as you walk into a room. Remember that first impressions are everything so no matter if you are out running errands or grabbing dinner, dress nicely. We are not talking a fashion runway look but avoid looking sloppy because guys will never try to flirt with you.


2.    Be approachable


Take note that some men do not have the courage of approaching a woman who has a frown on her face. Therefore, be approachable by letting out a smile everytime a guy glances your way. This will signal them to walk up and start a conversation with you. The warmer your personality is, the better chances of someone walking up to you.



3.     Avoid seeking attention


We know that you might desperately want a guy to notice you but coming off too strong will definitely turn them off. It just makes you appear less confident and needy. You do not have to be the loudest person in the room to get noticed. Refer back to point no 2, simply smile!


4.    Make subtle eye contact


If you are a bit shy to approach a guy you like, just simply make eye contact with him across the room to give him the hint that you are interested. Don’t start at him too long as that will make you appear creepy. Be natural, poise and give him those flirtatious subtle looks before turning away your gaze. This will ABSOLUTELY make him confident in approaching you immediately.


5.    Be alone for awhile

drop-the-label-movement-608471-unsplash (1).jpg

If you are hanging out with a group of friends, try to slide away from them for a few minutes. This is because some guys might feel uncomfortable to approach you for the first time in front of your friends. So break away from the crowd and sit by yourself for awhile by pretending you are checking your phone (while giving your flirtatious glances at him).He will notice this and walk towards you to introduce himself.


So are you ready to land the man of your dreams with these cute tricks? Let us know how did you do in the comment section below. Or if you have your adorable stories, share it with us too!