Beach Vacation Must-Have Items


Going to the beach soon?  Now that you have decided on the date of your beach vacation, let us figure out what to bring along to make your beach vacation a memorable one. No matter if it is for a picnic or casually hang our at the beach, here are some of the must-have things to bring along to make your day at the beach a fun experience.

1. Sunscreen


It is important to pack along some SPF sunscreen to protect your skin against harmful UV rays. UV rays are known to be dangerous and cancerous, so keeping a habit of applying a sunscreen before you actually go under the sun is good.  If you haven't done so, do it.  Tips in choosing a sunscreen is to choose the one that has protection against both UVA and UVB. 


2.  Tote bag

Why a tote bag you ask? Its easy to stuff all your things in a bag that is big enough to fit everything.  Tote bag with a zipper is better for protection so your items do not fall out of the bag. Accidentally spilling your items onto the sandy beach results in a hard time cleaning it all up. 


3.  Flip flops

StockSnap_YRI8K6RLX2 (1).jpg

It's the beach, so ditch your high heels and opt for a pair of comfortable flip flops instead.  Beach sandals are perfect because they are lightweight, comes in many different style and also provide the support as well as protection you need from walking on the beach.  Do not walk around barefoot only if you are certain that the sand is clear from any hazards.  Fro example, glass from broken bottles are the most common items found on the beach.


4. Beach Towel


Not only they are cute, you can use a beach towel to sit and put your items on.  A few small pillows would be a great addition if you wish to do stargazing during the night.  Who says you can only visit the beach during daytime? There is something calming about stargazing at night with the peaceful sounds of the clashing ocean waves. 


5. Picnic Basket 

A beach vacation would not be complete without a picnic basket.  Pack along some food such as sandwiches, fruits and drinks in your picnic basket. Brownies, cookies or cakes also is a great option too.  Knowing the people and their diet would help you to pack accordingly.  When its sunny, our body tends to dehydrate faster so be sure to pack enough water to drink in order to keep your body hydrated at all times. 


6. Swimming Suits


Wearing beach-approved attire is important when hitting the beach.  Get your swimming suits ready and throw on an oversized t-shirt over your swimming suits to get your beach look.  For men, swimming trunks or beach shorts already makes a good attire. 


7. Books

The last one, only an avid reader would understand because once you are hooked reading a great chapter, the anticipation kills you and you would want to bring the book everywhere you go.


Anything else you think needed to add to the list? Let us know in the comment section below.