Everything You Need To Know For The Perfect Raya OOTD

OOTD (Outfit of The Day) hype is upraising every single day, especially on this upcoming Raya. Who doesn’t want to look extra in their picture on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook? Here is everything that you need to know for an amazing Raya OOTD look and some tips on getting the perfect Raya OOTD picture. Read the tips down below.

1.     Matching Outfit


This is more to personal preference but generally, you won’t be fully in black during Raya because people might be misunderstood the concept. You can go for a full flora-printed outfit or maybe printed top with the plain bottom. Just do you. Look for inspiration and show off your personal style with confidence.


2.    Choose Background


A plain wall is the best of all as it will draw more attention towards your outfit in your photo. Other than that, a random background would also be recommended if your outfit is plain and the color is different from the background. For example, a green leafy background, an old brown mansion in your village and a wide blue sky or sea would blend perfectly with your plain coloured outfit for Raya.


3.     You Need Shoes


Shoes are crucial to enhance any outfit as it gives your OOTD more life. Find similar shoe themes that will amplify your look.You can go for something casual like flats or sandals. You could also go for the stunning high heels to get that sophisticated touch.  


4.     Don’t Forget the Details


Enhance your Raya outfit with some details and accessories like a bracelet, handbag, necklace and nice shoes. You may snap your Raya OOTD with a few shots of the detailing or embellishments of your outfit since they’re not all obvious at first glance. This ensures you’ll have even more gorgeous pictures to be posted on your social media.


5.     Know your Angle


Everyone has their best angle. Identify them! Practice your poses in front of the mirror so you won’t feel awkward when you are in front of the camera. If straight does not work for you, try taking shots from different angles. Small changes make huge differences and maybe you will be able to cover some flaws.


6.     Be Casual

Bag - Stop Motion (14 of 28).jpg

OOTD with awkward posing will never work together. Try to be more casual and act natural. You may try to pretend to laugh, flip hair, smile or maybe do a short walk as your poses. This will bring emotions and life in your Raya photos. People can definitely sense your joy and excitement in every pose you make.


7.     Perfect Lighting


Last but not least, lighting is everything. It can make the shot volcanic or break it into pieces. Natural light is best for OOTD and selfie too. It works well if you want to show how vibrant your outfit looks on that day. One quick tip, the period between 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. is the best time for white ray while 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. is for yellowish ray. Hit it! 


Hope you have jotted down some useful tips here. Are you ready to start your Raya OOTD game soon? Share us your Instagram handles so we could check it out!