French Girl Beauty Tips for Effortlessly Radiant Skin


By Joyce Chua from THREAD SG

With the French, less is always more. That effortless je ne sais quoi is what makes French women so alluring. And that philosophy applies to their beauty regime as well. Rather than loading up on a whole slew of beauty products, they stick to trusted favourites that work for them and a low-maintenance skincare routine.

Here are a few tried-and-true tips we can glean from French women, from embracing our own beauty to keeping things fuss-free:

Focus on skincare, not makeup.

                                                   Image: @constancejablonski

                                                   Image: @constancejablonski

In France, they’re all about glowing, healthy-looking skin. They’re the masters of the no-makeup makeup look. Instead of slathering your face with layers and layers of foundation to hide blemishes — and not letting your skin breathe — save yourself the effort and dare to go bare. Just apply day cream and sunblock for day. The simplicity of your new beauty routine will surprise you with how much healthier it is for your skin.


Pare Down

                                                            Image: @louisefollain

                                                            Image: @louisefollain

Medicine cabinets packed with skincare products? You won’t see that in a French lady’s house. The French are economical in their routine. They believe that if the canvas (i.e. your skin) is good, you won’t need a lot of makeup to shine. So clear all the redundant products from your cabinet and focus on developing a simple but effective routine. Look for a concise range of effective and gentle multitasking products, and you won’t even need to wear foundation anymore!

Plus, less products means you can focus on quality.


Play Up One Feature

                                                  Image: @jeannedamas

                                                  Image: @jeannedamas

Have you ever seen French woman with fake eyelashes, full contour, and red lips? Never. Applying the “less is more” concept, they are all makeup minimalists. So choose only one feature to emphasise each time and limit the rest of your makeup to a minimum. This could mean a red lip with muted eye, or even foundation-free face with some smudged eyeliner and mascara to draw out the eyes. The imperfect makeup look makes it seem like you didn’t try too hard, and it shows that you are perfectly comfortable in your own skin.


Limit Sugar Intake


Food plays a crucial role in skincare. Without a healthy, balanced diet, even the best and most expensive skincare product isn’t going to help much. French women savour their food, but in moderation. And one of the main skin wrecker is sugar. Not only does it encourage acne-causing bacteria to thrive, it also breaks down the collagen that keeps our skin plump and youthful-looking. If you do have a sweet tooth, enjoy that sweet treat once in a blue moon and only in small amounts.


Invest in Micellar Water

We’ve talked about micellar water before, but it’s basically a much gentler alternative to water that does a host of things from removing makeup to clearing impurities without stripping the skin of its natural elements. If there’s one thing you need to pick as a new skincare staple, it’s this handy cleansing agent.