French Girl Wellness Tips to Look and Feel Your Best


By Joyce Chua from THREAD SG

When it comes to wellness, the French seem to have it figured out. While the rest of the world wonders why French girls are always so thin despite eating all that cheese and pastries, and why their skin always looks so effortlessly radiant, they’re there sipping on their wine while rocking that je ne sais quoi.

What are the wellness secrets of French girls? Is it really just lots of water and enough sleep? Here’s what we found out:

They don’t eat processed foods


Instead, they stock up on local produce. Parisians prefer quality over quantity, so they would rather visit specialty stores than supermarchés daily for fresh ingredients — the boulangerie for bread, the fromagerie for cheese, the patisserie for dessert pastries. These freshly prepared foods don’t contain preservatives so the French can avoid heavily processed foods, which are a major cause of health and weight issues for most people in developed countries.


They control their portions


The French don’t own huge refrigerators that contain a week’s worth of food, and they don’t buy in bulk from supermarkets. They don’t gorge on fast food or go for seconds. They take their time to enjoy every note in their food, and this type of mindful eating — on top of portion control — helps them realise when they are full so they don’t overeat.


They take their coffee black


Coffee lovers, fret not. The French can’t do without their coffee either. They just take it black — no sugar, no milk —and prepared with a French press. Most people don’t like black coffee usually because it is not prepared the right way. Invest in a French press and good-quality beans for freshly ground coffee, and you may start acquiring a taste for café noir.


They walk — or bike everywhere


The French walk everywhere — to work, to the market, to run errands. Otherwise, they bike. They don’t do it excessively, they don’t do it particularly to lose weight — it is just a regular part of their lifestyle. They may not attend regular HIIT classes at the gym, but they’re already physically active in their daily routine.


Take time to pamper yourself


Baths, massages, beauty spas, facials, and any type of natural treatment for the body are not seen as luxuries; they are essentials. No matter how busy your life is, be sure to set aside some time to take care of yourself.

“Wellness, beyond eating well and exercising, is good mental health. Surrounding yourself with people who nurture you, appreciate you and take care of you. Doing things you are passionate about, and giving back — those are the things that keep me driven, focused and peaceful.”

— Coco Baudelle, French actress

Whether you’re in France or embracing the French philosophy from wherever you are, living like a quintessential French woman means taking the time to enjoy what life has to offer and finding balance in everything.