Hair Trend We Love: Shadow Roots


By Joyce Chua from THREAD SG

Good news for low-maintenance girls! Now you don’t have to fret about your roots growing out. Thanks to the new hair trend, shadow roots, letting your roots show now makes you look certifiably chic instead of sloppy.

Roots are a natural part of our hair’s growing out process, and this trend embraces that by making your roots part of the look. Much like how deliberately chipped nails were a thing years ago, #shadowroots has a bit of the lazy girl’s insouciance and low-maintenance cool. The trend evolved from ombre and balayage, which were all the rage in recent years.

Shadow roots can be attained by either simply letting your roots grow out and your natural hair colour show:

Or applying a shot of colour at the roots:

hair 3.JPG

What this also means is that you can match your lipstick or your nails to your roots.


So experiment away with colour and don’t be afraid to let your roots show!

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