How to Dress for Summer Weather


By Bea Punzalan from THREAD PH

The heat is on.

Living in a country with the tropical temperatures, one of the biggest struggles we have to live with is the limited fashion choices we get year in and year round.

We’re constantly looking out for the perfect outfit that doesn’t sacrifice comfort for style or style for comfort. Imagine wearing faux fur on an extremely hot day and not taking it off for the rest of the day just because you’re trying to pull off a “fashion statement”. Girl, no.

Let’s revamp your wardrobe for the summer and avoid a sudden heatstroke or a summer fatigue. Keep on reading for the cutest summer outfit ideas!

1. Plain Jane Game


The classic plain white t-shirt will take you places you’ve never been before. At first glance it might seem too simple, but trust us — it’s the most versatile fashion staple that will never fail you despite raging temperatures. Think of the plainness of the shirt as a blank canvas that you can style with tons of different options. Tuck it into a pair of boyfriend jeans or an on-trend plaid skirt, or wear it over your swimsuit when you’re lounging by the pool or the beach.

The trick is to mix and match, incorporating different elements to your ensemble to make sure your outfit isn’t dull. Wearing the plain white tee with a maxi skirt in a cute print or a pair of statement earrings will definitely make your outfit ready for some fun under the sun.


2. Brights + Brights + Brights


As much as we love black for its sleekness and versatility, in the hot months we’ve got to save it for later unless we want to fry ourselves inside our clothes.

Instead, opt for bright-colored pieces this summer, from bright yellows and oranges to tropical pinks and greens to sky-blue hues. Go for floral prints for an extra blast of summer. It’s also fun to layer different bright pieces together to experiment and find what you think suits you best.


3. Rompers


Fan of those sleek jumpsuits that were all the rage? Well, sad to say, you might have to lay them down for a bit at this time of year — that velvety material might not exactly be the best option in the summer heat.

But if you want to keep that sense of easy comfort, try opting for rompers. They’re shorter versions of the jumpsuit, and usually come in lighter fabrics. The best part? A lot of the latest arrivals come in summer-ready prints.


4. Sundresses


A classic fashion staple for the summer is the sundresses. The less fuss, the better, right? With your fave sundress, you can just slip on your dependable pair of white sneakers or sandals and you’re good to go. If it’s a bit chillier than expected, throw on a thin denim jacket for a classic look.

Choose sundresses with pretty patterns appropriate for summer. Tie-dye, sweet florals, paisley, and Hawaiian prints are your best options.


5. Flowy Bottoms

Copenhagen str S18 458.jpg

These are a great option for summer style without baring too much skin. Back in the ’60s and ’70s, palazzo pants were a popular choice for bottoms. They’re wide-legged, loose-fitting pants that are both comfy and stylish, making them a better option than thick denim in the summer heat. The thin material makes them even more perfect for keeping cool.

Palazzo pants are back in style for this season, and with a variety of different styles and patterns to choose from, it’s super easy to try them out. Go with a neutral-colored pair for a sophisticated, soft look for the office, or funky printed ones for the beach.


And that’s it for our summer fashion roundup! Make sure to comment below what you’re going to wearing for the hot weather. While you’re at it, make sure to give this article a clap if you liked it! ❤

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