How to Get Your Highlighting Game On

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It is a miracle when highlight products were created as it gives women that perfect glow finish. It is a must-have for every woman to own because highlights have the function of enhancing your makeup look. However, if you are a beginner or definitely clueless on how to do it justice on your face, no worries as here are a few tips on how you could get your highlighting game on perfectly!

1.     Find the right highlight tone

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Who says you can just get any shade of highlighter out there? No! Get the right highlight which matches your undertone so that it pops out nicely on your face. Whether you prefer the powder of liquid highlighter texture, always make sure you find the correct highlight shade to avoid messing up your makeup look.


2.     Put some oil on


As you get your highlighter and application tools ready, you can apply this simple trick to get that natural dewy look before applying your highlighter on. Put on some serum or oil on the targeted areas you would want to highlight. This gives you that fresh natural gleam without adding any shimmer or sparkle. Many makeup artists uses the trick of applying some Vaseline to achieve that dewiness glow.


3.     Apply your highlights spot on

So where are the areas on your face you should focus applying your highlights on? We call it the backward ‘3’ starting from above of your eyebrow to jawline. But you could also put a hint of highlights on the tip of your nose, on your cupid’s arrow and the chin to enhance your face.


4.     Highlight before blush!


Always apply your highlights before your blusher. Dab your blush shade on your cheekbones which sits next to your highlight area. This gives your face a pop of colour while displaying that natural fresh glow.


Are you ready to apply these tips for your next makeup routine? Feel free to tag #Zhighlight so we could have a look at your finished makeup look in the comment section down below.