How to Pose in Photographs to Look Fabulous


 Living in the social media age requires us to always stay on point with whatever we post on our Instagram. One of the things we focus on is how we should pose in photographs so we would always get that perfect fabulous shot. However, it cannot be denied that not all of us have that natural photogenic gift in our blood which makes it crucial to know a few tips on getting the right photo outcome. Take a look below to gain some pointers.

1.     Angle your face

rafaella-mendes-diniz-640985-unsplash (1).jpg

Everyone has a good side in a picture so determine which is your best and angle your face. This helps avoid making your face look wider, larger or slightly discoloured. Tilt your chin a bit upward, find the light and give that sexy glance.


2.     Work your arms


Your arms place a great deal of role in making your photos look incredible. The old red carpet trick where you put your arms on your hips to avoid looking flat in photos is one pose for beginners out there to practice. Try to position your arms naturally so you will not appear awkward in your photos. Scroll through social influencers Instagram to learn how they do it with confidence.


3.     Put on  natural smile


Smiling in photos may be a bit difficult as smiling too much will make you appear silly while not smiling makes you look unapproachable. Learn to smile for the camera by pretending it is not there. People would love to see your sincere smile so relax your face and work it! Don’t worry if you feel awkward at first as you can always practice your smiles in front of the mirror everyday.


4.     Give good posture


 Show off that confidence by standing tall and proud in photos. Good posture makes you appear more stunning in photos as it elongates your figure. For the ladies, take advantage of your high heels as it helps bring that alluring yet confident boost for you to nail your photos right!


So what other photography tips that you might know? Leave your ideas in the comment section down below.