Menswear Raya Outfit Ideas For The Minimalist

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You probably have encountered this one common problem; you are too gravitate to white, black and gray clothes and you aren't exactly sure how to match a bunch of different colors and style.

Most men do.

But fear not! If you think you’ve got this down, you might want to read this article until the end. Going minimal in your outfits is actually better and surprisingly easier.

Start with a strictly limited color palette, grounded in neutrals but feel free to branch out into soft pastels. At most, two to three tones are good to go. You don’t have to bother about the coherency between those colors because minimalist is about what you feel and mostly about what you have.

These are the Raya outfits ideas for the minimalist that would open your eyes wide.

1. Play with the Kurta


If you’re someone that’s into the traditional wear look during Raya but prefers something that is more versatile yet modern, then you may try to team your Kurta with a pair of jeans. It would be the best match that conserves the traditional looks with a minimalist touch. Although a full set of Baju Melayu which include Samping and Songkok is the most common outfits on the first day of Raya, it is not an excuse for you to stop trying something different, right?


2. Kill it with the long sleeve shirt


Beware, gentlemen! This looks will make women melt and men turn green with envy. Choose any long sleeve shirt that suits your personal style and pull it together with a pair of trousers and work your charm during your Raya celebration.

Show your muscular arm by rolling up your sleeves on Hari Raya. Then, after working on the first style for a while, you might want to unbutton your shirt and be free while wearing a plain colored shirt inside.

IMGL0203 (1).jpg


Not only that, abstract and floral printed shirt would be another wise choice for your Raya outfit.

Otherwise, instead of racking your brain trying to choose the right pattern for your shirt, you should use this one ultimate secret trick for effortlessly matching your clothes, stay minimal and be vibrant.


3. The Simple Tee


The ubiquitous white crew neck t-shirt has long prevailed as the go-to style for men. It matches with any of your jeans and pants and gives you a quick sharp look.

You might also like to add a little detail on the shirt to avoid boring and sustain plain look. One little detail is enough to make your outfit stand out. A plain shirt is the best choice but you don’t have to restrict yourself to just one colored item.


At the other end of the scale, you should buy a simple printed shirt and match it with some of your daily garments like a cap. 

Summer Arrivals 2018-1064.jpg

If you are not a typical stripes guy, then you can still have all on-trend designs that you can freely pick. You can stand out either in monochrome, florals, geometrics or digital prints. Just keep it minimal by matching with a pair of denim or distressed jeans for a smart vibe.


Here it comes to an end, so have you decided your minimalist and fuss-free looks for this Raya? Share your idea in the comment box below so we can share it with others.