Raya Makeup Look & Tips from Influencer, @Cilibling


From THREAD Guest Writer & Social Influencer, Cilibling

When it comes to deciding what makeup look you want to rock for Raya, it can be SO overwhelming! We all know how crazy and stressful it can be from picking out your Baju Raya and having to match your makeup look with your outfits. But don’t you worry baby girl, I, @Cilibling got your back!

#1 look : The Classic Makeup Look

                                                        Benefit They’re real RED ON

                                                       Benefit They’re real RED ON

Everybody looks good in a beautiful bold red lip ! My personal top pick is the Benefit They’re real RED ON!  So what is special about this lipstick? What makes it stand out from the other millions of red lipsticks on the market ? What makes it so special and what makes it stand out so much is the unique packaging. It comes with a tiny brush that makes applying a red lip ten times less stressful and it isn’t just in the typical bullet lipstick form, it comes in a box! That is definitely something you need to check out and add into your collection and did I mention the pigmentation is out of this world? 

Now that we have our perfect lip for this makeup look, its time to move onto the eyes. You’d be shocked to hear me of all people say this but a beautiful bronze smokey eye will make it complete and give the perfect amount of sophistication and glamour to your Raya makeup look !


#2 look : The Edgy but not too crazy for your fam look

We all have that one relative that needs to comment on your appearance one way or another. I’m not trying to let that happen right now so here is my idea for you. Rock an edgy winged liner with minimal eyeshadow and make your skin glowww ! Keep your lips simple but still feel fleekey all day and slay those Instagram pics.


#3 look : Go Big or Go Home look

cilibling 3.jpg

Now it would be hard for me to explain what I truly mean by “Go Big or Go Home” but just imagine any colour that you want and express that colour on your face. Make A Statement!

Match your eyes to your lips and match your lips to your outfit. You’d be surprised how cohesive you’ll look. Take that idea and make it your own. Be creative! Makeup is fun, a boost of confidence, a little challenge/ art project while getting ready! Make the most of your day and try something new. Worse case we just take our makeup remover and start again! 


Hope this will help you slay the game for your bomb Raya looks! Share with us your makeup look by leaving your Instagram handle down below.


*Disclaimer - Images are from @cilibling Instagram