Reasons Why Your Weight Has Hit a Plateau


Give yourself a pat on the back if you've been working hard at achieving your body goals. However, some of you might have gotten a little bit disheartened when you stopped seeing any weight changes for a period of time. If you have been losing weight and it suddenly hit a plateau, we have the answer for you on how to tackle the issue.  You will definitely fit into your old pair of skinny jeans again with these tips. Take a look down below.

1.    Reassess Calorie Needs


You need to reassess your calories needs and alter it to suit your current situation. If your body had used to need 1200 calories per day to gradually lose weight and has hit a stagnant period, try cutting to 1000 calories a day to see whether it makes a difference. But be sure to include all the important nutrients although you are reducing the amount of calorie intake.


2.    Change your workout routine

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If you have been hitting the gym a few times a week, it is time to change up your workout routine. Fit yoga, cardio and weight lifting in to push your body to a newer goal. This is because your body gets used to the same routine and it will put a halt on losing weight. Change it up and see the difference! Do it with determination and you will feel proud of your own self.


3.    Drink green tea


Green tea helps increase a person’s metabolism so be sure to drink it at least twice a day and you will definitely feel more lightly. Skip coffee or any other caffeinated beverages. Stick with green tea as it contains fat blasting properties called catechins that speeds your liver’s fat burning capacity.


5.    Eat more fiber


Adding more fiber in your diet helps to move your stagnant weight to a positive direction. Eat at least 30grams of vegetables, fruits and whole grains to eliminate your fat faster.


So are you ready to start burning off fat away again? Share with us your weight loss journey down below.