Spice Up Your Makeup Routine With Extraordinary Ordinary Makeup Products


By Damnit Claudia from THREAD SG

Who says your daily makeup routine has to be boring? You just need a few multitasking makeup products to spice it up!

You’ve probably seen reviews of these products from your favourite make-up artist on YouTube or on your Instagram explore page and went, “Wait…what? Is that green-coloured blush?” Or, “Unbreakable eye shadow palette? Perfect.”

So read on for a list of everyday makeup products that can pull double duty to create a whole new look for you!

1. Spray-On Foundations

Foundation comes in various form — liquid, cream, stick and powder. Now we have the next best thing: a spray. The good news is, you are one step closer to achieving the flawless, seamless look.


2. Magical Cream Blush


Don’t be fool by its intimidating colour! It changes colour along to the pH of your skin into the most flattering shade of pink, which makes it perfect for everyone.


3. Eyebrow Cushion

After the craze over cushion compact foundation led by the Korean wave, cushion makeup has evolved. This eyebrow cushion can even double up as an eyebrow tint!


4. Putty Eye Shadow


For all my clumsy people out there, you no longer have to worry about shattering your brand-new eye shadow palette. If you can’t imagine what a putty eye shadow feels like, think of a compressed pudding in an eye shadow pan.


5. Melting Lip Powder

Going swimming or eating greasy food on your first date? No problem! Ladies, our prayers have been answered. This melting lip powder will melt into a liquid lipstick upon touching your lips and will. not. budge.


Which one of the five extraordinary makeup products has caught your eye? What other recommendations do you have? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!