Spring/Summer 2019 Trend Forecast — Men’s Edition


By Joyce Chua from THREAD SG

With fashion as an important tool for self-expression, identity assertion, and statement-making, what we wear is all the more in this day and age of constant change, turmoil and uncertainty.

The spring/summer 2019 menswear runways reflect that need for simplicity and creativity. While designers continue to favour casual wear, they are now upgrading their basics to something more sophisticated. Eclectic designs are also fighting for space on the runway, proving that fashion didn’t forget about fun and glamour.

Getting started on your 2019 look? Here are the three main trends to keep in mind:

Common Ground

Deglobalisation is a trend that many are turning towards as they focus more on domestic growth and building stronger local communities. There is a desire for belonging, to return to a comfort zone and hark back to simpler times.

The Trend: Elevated Basics


For fashion, that means going back to basics, but with a sophisticated, contemporary vibe and amped up details, as seen at the Gucci and Dior runways. Go for classics with a twist, like a panelled jacket or a paisley shirt under a black suit.


                                            Mango    Cotton Shirt |    Umma    Kurta Top

                                           Mango Cotton Shirt | Umma Kurta Top


In Touch

In this day and age where social media keeps us in constantly, virtually interconnected, the desire to be connected on a deeper level with each another grows ever stronger. We seek greater emotional and physical connection.

The Trend: Futuristic/Psychedelic


In 2019, designers turn toward the future, incorporating psychedelic colours and futuristic elements into their creations as reflections of our heightened emotional awareness and psyches. This translates to more metallics, graphic prints, and neon sportswear that pack a mean punch.



Creative Manifesto

With more diverse voices in a now almost-borderless world, there is a stronger need to be different, to be heard, and to make an impact. Creativity and self-expression are now an essential tool for change and innovation.

The Trend: Graphic and Bold


Fashion has always been a grounds for experimentation, expression, and individualism. These continue to be celebrated, and designers like Jeremy Scott, Alexander Wang, and Fendi continue to push out of their comfort zone. Now is the time to flaunt your most show-stopping, statement-making pieces — bright hoodies, printed outerwear, slogan tees, and more.


1.  JAXON Zig Zag Motif Tee , 2.   Just Hype Mono Space T-Shirt , 3. Levi’s Orange Pocket Tee

1. JAXON Zig Zag Motif Tee, 2.  Just Hype Mono Space T-Shirt, 3. Levi’s Orange Pocket Tee