Style Hacks: Dressing For The Short Girl


By Bea Punzalan from THREAD PH

Who says you’re too short?

Don’t worry. I feel your pain. Standing at about 4 feet nothing (okay, kidding), I’ve been on the shorter side of the scale all my life. I can rarely buy clothes off the rack, I can’t reach shelves because they’re all just way too high, and worst of all, culottes and maxi skirts end up looking like I’m wearing my dad’s clothes.

Fashion-wise, there are plenty of areas where us short girls have to adjust. But trust me, they actually aren’t that complicated.

Read on to learn how hack your way into short girl fashion and you’ll never have to worry about looking too short again!

Let’s Go Monochrome


Your overall silhouette is, well, short. Wearing too many colors at once might break up your form into blocks, accentuating your short stature in the process.

To create an illusion of elongated height, go for a monochromatic color scheme or a one-color dress. This will create an unbroken line of color from head to toe, streamlining your silhouette.


The Ultimate Optical Illusion

                                       Right: Striped High Waisted Skirt from ZALORA

                                       Right: Striped High Waisted Skirt from ZALORA

This trick is all about playing with proportions. Wearing high-waisted bottoms will stretch the lower half of your body, giving you longer legs for the day.

Go for a cute pair of shorts, skirts, or pants: as long as they hit above your waist, you’ll do just fine. Just make sure you tuck in your top — too much volume will overwhelm your petite frame.


It’s All In The Hemline

Shorter hemlines = longer legs, or at least the illusion of it. Go ahead and show off some of that flawless skin.


Hi, Heels!


This style hack speaks for itself. High heels are, well, high heels. Go all out for dates or a night out with friends, but for a day in the office or at school, block heels will give you that extra boost without sacrificing comfort.

Check out more heels on ZALORA.


Embrace your height!

Whether you try out these hacks or not, own your height and it won’t matter what you’re wearing. Trends come and go, but self-confidence is forever.

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