Tips on How to Dress for TV by Zooey Teo

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From THREAD Guest Writer & Social Influencer, Zooey Teo (@ohzooey)

Being on television is honestly super fun. My favourite part has to be hair and make-up. Usually it takes about one hour to one hour and a half to two hours depending on the look you’re going for the day.


Now, the general rule for dressing on television is nothing too revealing, avoid sleeveless tops, no sheer outfits too (the lights in the studio can be really bright so we don’t want to see any underwear on camera *wink wink). Oh! It’s also advisable to avoid wearing stripes because of something called moire pattern which basically means the patterns will overlap and create weird lines on camera. Technical stuff.

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Alright! Now that we have covered the general rule of what-not-to-wear on TV, let’s get to the fun side of dressing up! It’s really all about your personality and showcasing that through your style. When I first started hosting, my outfits were pretty safe - top, jeans, sneakers and the occasional accessories. However, as the years go by, I started being more experimental with my looks.

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When I’m in the studio, I would first consider a few things before choosing my outfit. Firstly, what kind of studio are we in - a set or a green screen? If we’re in a set, I would first look at the colour of the studio. Based of the colour wheel, it would be best for you to choose the colour that’s the opposite so you’ll pop on TV! That’s why I love shopping on ZALORA because the range of colours and clothes that they have are limitless! Next, because I am short, I would always wear heels on set.

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My favourite brands from ZALORA has to be Something Borrowed and VELVET, super cute heels and most importantly, they’re comfortable. Now, if you have a set with sofas, most of the time, you’ll be sitting down. I prefer to wear jeans or pants because they’re more slimming and I don’t have to worry about crossing my legs on camera. You can still wear skirts but remember that when you sit, skirt ride up so pick ones that are midi length or anything below your knee. If you’re working in front of a green screen, do not wear green because then your body might disappear into the background!

Another type of location is outdoor shoots! Outfits for shoots like these depend on the location and your assignment. So, ZALORA is like my little virtual closet. If you’re doing something more active like sports, sportswear will be your go to. For me, I like to wear loose tops, quarter leggings and training shoes for better mobility. But if I'm covering for a lifestyle assignment, then casual chic will be my look for the day. I tend to go for tops that are more flamboyant, jeans and a pair of cute flats because I’ll be running around at the location. I make sure to also bring a blazer or a long vest just in case I wanna look more serious during an interview. If you’re shooting outside in the hot sun, do not wear a white top but if you do, layer it with another colour because white reflects sunlight so on camera it’ll look overexposed.

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Ultimately, you have to be comfortable in whatever you wear. I love to layer my clothes because it’s the simplest way to look fashionable but if I’m feeling lazy, then I tend to choose outfits that are co-ords. As for accessories, avoid those that make noise because it’s gonna sound super annoying on TV. That’s about it! I hope you’ve learned a thing or two about how to dress on television. Remember, your style is who you are so never be afraid to experiment! Have fun loves.


*Disclaimer - Images are from @ohzooey Instagram