Why Social Media Detox is Important


In this digital era regardless of age,  everyone seems to have at least one social media account, be it Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, Tinder and many more.  We depend and rely so much on our smart phone in getting things done online that it reaches to a point where connecting with people in real life can be awkward and difficult nowadays. 

When our body has become accustomed to the habits of checking our phone for new updates and notifications, staying away from it for few hours can make you feel irritated and uneasy.  This is a sign of addiction. While addiction often do harm than good, it's about time for you to consider entering a social media rehab.  

Here are a few reasons why social media detox is important. 


First and foremost, social media is not the reality.  How you live your life on social media can be contradicting from how you are in real life.  It's where people portray the good and hide the bad. Most of the time, people post images of what they want their followers to see and expect their followers to perceive it as the truth. Obsessing over Instafamous individuals can be harmful, lead to stress, anxiety and many more as you subconsciously compare ourselves to them.

Wasting time.  Scrolling aimlessly on Facebook and Twitter for a few minutes, doesn't seems to be taking up so much time, does it?.  How about browsing for few minutes, many times in a day.  We bet you will be surprised of how long you actually spend time on social media in a day than you actually think.  So, why not channel that time to do something else rather beneficial. 

One of the purpose of social media is to get people to be more connected and more engaged with each other's update in life.  However, nothing could beat the face-to-face physical meet ups. It involves more emotion and just makes you feel a lot better. So, when is the last time you meet your friends for a hangout session?.  

Consider it a reset period in your life and take yourself away from the world of social media like what some Hollywood celebrities do.  It's understandable that for some individuals work involves dealing and using the social media heavily compared to other people especially bloggers, Instafamous and celebrities.  It's their main source of income.  However, it is good to press the snooze button once in awhile to refresh and to regain back focus in your life.  Use the spare time to take a walk in the park, go for a drink, visit a new place and do activities that doesn't involve you using your smart phone.  


So are you up for the social media detox?. Let us know if you have tried entering the social media rehab and what do you think.