5 Practical Steps to Start Covering Your Feet


For certain Muslim scholars, ladies are required to have their feet covered. If you’re a follower of one, then you might be aiming to comply by this but puzzled as to how to make it happen. Due to our packed schedule, paying commitment to fully cover our feet such as by wearing socks can be a huge challenge. Nonetheless, fret not as this article is going to provide the practical steps to get you going.

1.       Wear covered shoes


As to get the ball rolling, you might want to consider wearing covered hills or shoes such as sneakers whenever appropriate.  If you’re planning for a girls-night-out, sneakers could be an option as opposed to sandals. This does not only cover your feet in public but also makes you putting on socks which is also a way to reach your goal.


2. Skin, wool, knee-length, have it your way!


While there are heaps of fabrics, designs and sizes of socks, this privilege should stand as a bonus point to get you paying commitments to wearing them. Play around with the fashion to suit your occasions. If you’re a student, then this would be the best time to put on fancy socks to lectures. If you’re a working adult, skin socks would do wonders during the day at the office.  


3. Set a ‘special’ day for wearing socks


If you’re a little overwhelmed with the entire commitment, then set a special day of the week to wear socks. For instance, Fridays can be your Socks Day and that does make it a little more feasible, no? Have some fun with trying out your new look!


4. Find a company, make it a friendship thing!


Doing it alone can be quite dull, tag your friends along! Ask them to try  if together with you if they’re planning to shift their look. If they say yes, you can get the support from one another through this paradigm shift. Isn’t it a lot of fun to do things together especially with your best friends? Give updates to each other on your progress, the new style or anything.


5. Set your intention right


Intention goes beyond everything else. While fashion is a part of every woman’s life, it is also essential to get your purpose right. Covering one’s aurah should solely be for God and it would stand as one of the means to get you closer to Him, among many other ways. Defining the purpose for the slight amendment of your attire should come first and always be checked regularly.


So how about sharing your stories in the comments below? What steps did you take to start wearing a hijab , covering your feet or any other changes to your look? Who knows you might add an idea or two to the readers out there. Would love to them!