5 Simple Habits of Happy Mothers


Mothering can be pretty if not very daunting to some. Regardless of how many children you have or what your employment status is, the challenge to pull yourself together after a long day should not be negated. While it is, by default, not easy to always keep a positive mind about the lifelong commitment of being a mother on top of everything else, we still need some words of encouragement to keep us going. So today, let’s talk about the simple habits of being a happy mother.

1. She focuses on today and the future

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A happy mother frames her thoughts on today and tomorrow. She scribbles her things-to-do on her mobile phone and tries to follow them as best as possible. She thinks less of yesterday’s mistakes but carries forward the happiness instead.


2. She gives herself a pat on the shoulder


Even for the littlest things like getting the laundry done, throwing the trash, or even bathing the cat. She verbally addresses her accomplishments and lets her friends know about it so they can applaud for one another.


3. She includes ‘entertainment’ in her budget

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A happy mother puts herself before anyone else because she knows how essential it is care for one self first. This includes sipping her favourite coffee with her pals twice a month, shop for new clothes or a spa session every other week. Having some time for herself regularly is not only rejuvenating, but also gives her some to escape the mundane routine and reflect on her life.


4. She does not make too much comparisons

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Since our lives are tailored differently, making comparisons with others can be unhealthy as one will then tend to feel insecure with what she has. Given the power and influence of social media that easily filters a person’s image, a happy mother cheerfully browses through their friends’ updates without having inferiority issues arisen, because she knows how artificial those images can be. And most importantly, she feels enough with what she has on her plate.


5. She does not base her worth on her house and car


A happy mother sets the standards of her worth higher than the condition of her house and her car. As any mother with growing kids would know, to keep a tidy house is almost impossible when one has to juggle work, chores, school work, tantrums and fighting all in a day. This would mean that a messy car or a living room with spilled milk does not define the mother and her performance. Hence, a happy mother does not feel sorry for the state of her house because she knows how hard she has been working to put things in place.


So what do you think constitutes a happy mother? Share your thoughts in the comments below to make more mothers feel happy about themselves! Can’t wait to read them all!