5 Ways to Cure Boredom During Long Haul Flights


The idea of flying off to a new or familiar destination can be exhilarating, but it often comes with the long and dreadful flying hours which are exhausting to bear. Whether you’re travelling halfway across the globe or surviving a connecting flight, here are some valuable distractions to keep your on-air boredom and exhaustion at bay.

1. Binge watch a new series


Are you a few episodes behind from the latest season of Game of Thrones and Stranger Things? Now that you have 6-8 hours of flight time at hand, catch up on your favourite series or kick-start a new one. Just remember to download them to your tablet or laptop a few days in advance to binge watch them at a leisurely pace.


2. Read a book or magazine


Get lost in the captivating process and narrations of a great book that will take you beyond your wildest imagination. If you haven’t got the time to read your favourite book or a new one, stow them into your carry-on luggage and loose yourself between the pages during your flight.


3. Edit your photos


For any jet-setting social media enthusiasts, perfecting your picture editing skills take a lot of work. During your flight home, use all the extra hours to choose the best filters, adjust the contrast or brighten up the snapshots you took from your holidays. Once you reached your destination, you’ll have plenty of pictures to post as soon as you touch down.


4. Listen to a podcast


Stumbled upon an amazing podcast but haven’t been able to free up your time to indulge? When you have a six-hour flight to sit through, plug your earphones, relax and enjoy your favourite podcast. Otherwise, you'll have to struggle to find a free time to enjoy when you’re back.


5. Clear up your work





When you’re on a business trip, it can feel burdensome to have an overdue assignment and task looming over you. Your flight hours are the best time to catch up on pending work. Some flight offers in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity, so smash those work and arrive at your destination feeling prepared.


When you’re on a long-haul flight, it's best to strategize and maximize your flight hours with productive things. Whether you decide to edit your photos or listen to an interesting podcast, there’s always an activity that are way better than hitting the snooze button. So how do you handle your boredom on long haul flights? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below.