[Beauty 101] 4 Common Nail Polish Blunders and How to Fix Them


By Joyce Chua from THREAD SG

Having nails you can proudly flaunt is just as effective as putting your best face forward in boosting your confidence and mood. The perfect manicure can brighten up your outfit and let you express yourself freely. But for the girl who is always out and about, it is all too easy to mess up our nail polish.

Fret about your nail polish no more with these simple, easy remedies to fix your nail polish blunders and mishaps:

1. Spilling Nail Polish on Fabric


Mishaps happen. Spilling nail polish on your dress or the carpet or having it leak in your purse happens more often than you think. But acting quickly to do damage control can salvage your fabric and leave no trace of nail polish on it. If you got lacquer on your fabric, start by dabbing the area with a cotton pad soaked in acetone nail polish remover. Do not rub as that can press the nail polish deeper into the fabric. If the lacquer does not let up, soak the area with hairspray, then scrub and rinse. Test on a small area of the fabric first.


2. Smudged Polish

Let’s face it. Who really has time to sit around waiting for paint to dry? Most of us would go about (awkwardly) doing other tasks while letting nail polish to dry. And this can often lead to smudged or gashed nail polish. No sweat! You can easily make your nails appear as good as new without needing to polish the entire nail all over again.

Simply add a nail art design over the affected part of the nail to mask the flaw. Otherwise, you could dip the end of one finger into nail polish remover, then gently rub the chipped or smudged nail until you smooth out the line between nail and lacquer. Finally, polish over this section with a matching shade of polish and seal with top coat.


3. Stuck Bottle Lid

Stubborn bottle lid? Simply solution: run the bottle under hot water and have your nail polish bottle open without exerting much muscle power.


4. Too-Thick Polish


Applying too many coats of nail polish can lead to problems such as smudging, chipping, and the appearance of sheet marks in your nails.

If your polish is reaching its expiration date or has been improperly stored, add a few drops of nail polish thinner into the bottle, then roll the bottle between your hands to let the products mix together before using.

While some people suggest using nail polish remover to thin nail polish, this short-term solution can in fact shorten the shelf life of your nail polish and dull its colour as the ingredients in the polish remover will break down the polish formula.


What are some common nail polish blunders or mishaps you encounter and what are your fixes for them? Share your tips in the Comments section below!