[Beauty 101] Sleep Skincare


By Bea Punzalan from THREAD PH

Shut-eye or no shut-eye, skin comes first.

You should always give your skin some special attention at the end of the day. From all the pollution, the stress, and the wrinkles the long day has given you, your skin needs its proper detox and cleansing once you’re ready to hit the sheets.

So, what’s the diff?

Daytime versus nighttime skincare isn’t too different. The core products are still there: toner, essences, treatments, and moisturizer. Daytime skincare is usually kept short, as you usually only have a few minutes minutes after a quick shower and a small bite before you need to rush out the door — but you should never neglect that much-needed SPF!

Sunscreen is the product you can leave out for nighttime, as this time around you’ll need a double cleanse, anti-aging products, and a face mask.

Sleep Repair

Before the night closes in, you may need to exfoliate and lather on richer vitamins and night creams. Sleep is when your skin repairs itself from the rapid wear-and-tear the day has caused. Alongside that, these creams help to absorb your other products completely and more efficiently.

Here are other practices you can incorporate into your nighttime regimen for more youthful and clearer looking skin the day after!

1. Sheet Mask Regularly

Incorporating a sheet mask into your routine will help lock in certain products onto your skin better. And not only that, but sheet masks help diminish fine lines and wrinkles. This will help you look brighter the day after, and provide smoother makeup application!

Note: By “regularly” we only mean at least two to three times a week! There’s no need to do so daily, as Filipina skin is quite different from others, not to mention our humid climate. We only need a bit of moisture to go a long way.


2. Girl, did you cleanse?

We can’t emphasize it enough, but removing your makeup alongside pollutants and other debris, dirt, and impurities is a MUST. Freeing your skin from all of these will help declog pores and prevent other skin problems like acne breakouts and dry skin.

Remember to remove your makeup with an oil-based cleanser, and then proceed with a water-based one to remove more of the dirt.

Read more on double-cleansing.


3. Reintroducing Eye Creams

The skin around your eyes is very thin and usually shows the first signs of aging (alongside necklines!). If it’s dry and dehydrated it can cause fine lines, wrinkles, and of course, eyebags. This area is delicate and should be treated with some TLC. Massage your eye cream gently to allow the product to sink into your skin better.


4. Two Pillow Sleep

A sleeping tip I’ve been practicing since the start of college is to always always sleep with two pillows. I’ve always hated bloating and looking like a chipmunk when I wake up and was told that I should sleep with a higher plane in order to avoid situations like that. This way your face will drain excess fluids from the face!


5. Plenty of Zzz’s!

Of course, who doesn’t want sleep? It’s actually the best way for you to treat your skin better. As said earlier, it’s when your skin casually repairs itself, so the longer shut-eye you get, the better treatment there is for your skin. So, avoid coffee, avoid procrastination, and keep your phone away from you!


And that’s it for some nighttime skincare hacks!

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