Best Workouts to Do According to Your Mood


Everyone knows that breaking out a sweat when you are tired from a long day of work can be pretty hard to do but we should always find a time to squeeze in our busy schedule to burn off those calories away. However, being humans, we often feel many emotions throughout the day but why not use those feelings to use and match it with a type of workout so you could express those feelings. Why? This is because exercising helps to release and produce serotonin, a stress-reducing hormone. Here are a few best workouts to do based on your current mood.

When you’re stressed



When you feel stressed out with your work or personal problems, take some time to relax by performing some yoga poses. Yoga helps you to control your breathing and lower your blood pressure. The yoga is also perfect for those starting out as well due to its gentle movements. So take a deep breath and stretch out into different yoga poses to build up your physical strength as well.


When you’re angry & frustrated



If you feel angry and frustrated with anything happening in your life, vent it out in a healthy way by doing some kickboxing. Wear those gloves and start punching bags to let it all out. It not only releases your anger away but also a great way to burn off your calories in a very healthy way. It pumps up your heart rate and works your muscles too!


When you feel sexy



For those who hate working out but feel a sexy mood coming on, why not do it in a fun way by dancing. Move that body, sway those hips and twist around with the sound of the music blasting. It moves your entire body and a great cardio without you even realizing it.



When you’re sad



For those who are feeling down in the dumps, deal with your sadness by putting on those running shoes and go out for a jog. This helps you clear out your mind and figure out the next step in life. Feel the breeze in your hair and take that time to think and cry without anyone seeing you (if you jog in the evening).




Another way to remove the sadness from your heart is to go for a swim. Your heart rate goes up and sweats out the toxin which is the body’s way to cry. It is the great workout to do to help you deal with pain because of its general solo activity. Go for a swim especially when you want silence and let out those tears in the water while swimming where no one else will know.


So what workouts do you do according to your ever changing moods? Let us know in the comment section below.