Beyond Basics: 5 Brands That Do Prints Right For the Guys


By Daniel Loy from THREAD SG

It’s out with the plain and in with the prints in the world of men’s fashion trends. From tropical to floral and even abstract designs, the dudes are killing it in hits of colour right now.

Whether it’s next to lush greenery or the blue waters by the riviera, prints are perfect for summer and add a dose of fun to any festival-inspired outfit. They aren’t difficult to put together either — just keep the prints bold and tone down on everything else like jeans and shoes.

If you have yet to let prints infiltrate your wardrobe, now’s probably the best time. Here are five brands that carry a wide selection of prints to get you started.


                          Floral Polo Shirt  |  Preppy Fit Print Swimshort  |  Camo Print T-Shirt

                         Floral Polo Shirt | Preppy Fit Print Swimshort | Camo Print T-Shirt

The sister company of famed casualwear label Abercrombie & Fitch is no slouch at keeping abreast with trends, putting together threads that feature prints front and centre. From camouflage patterns to blossoming flowers, Hollister has you covered.


Burton Menswear London

Trust Burton Menswear London to focus solely on florals and produce a myriad of prints that any guy can appreciate. Whether you’re into subtle fades or all-over equivalents, this label’s got them all down to a tee.


Jack Wills

British fashion house Jack Wills goes for a touch of minimalism, allowing prints to take up limited real estate and letting the quality of the clothes speak for themselves. Don’t forget to pack along some statement-making swim shorts if you’re making a splash anytime soon.



Known for its logo tees and nod to Japanese heritage, Superdry’s managed to infuse all sorts of elements into its main collection. From paint splotches to mountainous silhouettes and subdued florals, Superdry’s mastered the art of easing them into existing designs without looking tacky or crowded.



   Pink Lemon Short Sleeve Shirt |  Navy Floral Mesh T-Shirt  |  Tapestry Chino Shorts

   Pink Lemon Short Sleeve Shirt | Navy Floral Mesh T-Shirt | Tapestry Chino Shorts

No matter the season, nobody does wacky prints and kaleidoscope-like patterns quite like Topman. Stretching the imagination by juxtaposing a variety of shapes and symbols, the resulting designs are always attention grabbing and truly one of a kind. If you’d rather dive straight into this trend than spend time experimenting, then go ahead and help yourself with everything Topman has to offer.