Do's and Don'ts at Comic-Con


The first ever Asia Comic-Con took place early this July in Malaysia with activities that cater to comic book enthusiasts alike. Taking some pointers from its American counterpart, Comic-Con International: San Diego, Asia Comic-Con showcased the best and latest that the convention has to offer that are comic book related be it in graphic novels, TV series, movies, or collectible items.

However, this being the first, there were still a lot to learn from attending the convention. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts for you Comic-Con newbies who plan to attend next year’s Asia Comic-Con.


1.    Plan ahead


Make sure you plan your schedule carefully and follow your sketched out programme to not miss any of the activities you aim to attend. There will be lots of things going on at the convention at once. So, it is important to schedule ahead of time.


2.    Only bring the essentials

It could be hectic in the convention and you might not have time to recharge yourself to carry on to the next scheduled event. At times like these, portable chargers, snacks, water, and other important things are crucial to survive the gathering. With all of those stuff in hand, a backpack would be the best storing item to bring.


3.    Be respectful to other fandoms


A comic book convention is where you’ll see people from different fandoms unite, be it from team Marvel or team DC. It might be annoying to see your rival fandom at the convention, but it is important to respect their passion and enthusiasm to ensure that every attendee is having a great time.



1.    Don’t rush

Comic-Con can be stressful as it is jam-packed with people and their various attitudes who are always rushing in to get to their desired booth or panel. Don’t be that guy; instead, be the bigger person and take the time to enjoy all the things going on around the convention.


2.    Don’t overspend


At Comic-Con, you are guaranteed to find so much merchandise on sale that will feed into your temptation of impulse buying. Don’t fall into that greed and spend on things that you don’t need. Before you buy, remember to ask yourself, “do I really need this?”.


3.    Don’t be a perv

When in Comic-Con, you’ll be seeing lots of cosplayers walking around in outfits of your favourite fictional characters, and some female cosplayers might wear costumes that reveal a little bit of skin. This is not in any way a pass to touch, feel – or worse, grope these harmless women. Pictures are allowed but of course, ask for their permission before taking any.


Those are just some of the simple rules that Comic-Con beginners can follow. For veteran Comic-Con goers, feel free to leave your personal tips on the comment section below!