Dress Like You’re a World Cup Winner


By Daniel Loy from THREAD SG

The line between fashion and football gets increasingly blurred with each edition of the FIFA World Cup and its qualifiers, as fans go all out to don their favourite country’s national colours and parade them with pride. There’s no better time to get in on the sporting action through whatever means possible, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear a team jersey everywhere you go.

Now that the latest edition of this global event is well underway, we thought it’ll be fitting to put together outfits for the five teams most likely to win, while keeping the selection versatile enough so that you can wear any outfit even if you’re not into the World Cup 2018 fever.

P.S. Our prediction may be a little off, but the clothes we pick will keep you on point, whether you’re watching from the stands or in your local city pub.


We kick things off with the nation that has arguably the most natural football talents. Brazil has — unsurprisingly — won the World Cup a staggering five times, more than any other participating country. Showing your support for Brasilia is easy — mix striking yellow with a tinge of green, but go easy on the shoes and pick a neutral tone, or you’ll risk looking like a walking banana.



Deutschland’s exact precision landed them the trophy in the last World Cup, and even though this powerhouse has yet to show its full prowess, we’ve got a hunch they’ll be crushing the competition in no time. Red, yellow and black make up Germany’s national flag, and this killer combo will make you stand out among a sea of casuals.



The English have yet to win a World Cup since 1966, but they’ve been at the forefront of the style game and scoring sartorial goals. Who can blame them? Homegrown labels like Jack Wills and Dr. Martens have done so much to fly the fashion flag, and you can easily pick up these threads and put your love for the Three Lions on full display.



Only one name comes to mind whenever Portugal is mentioned, and that’s none other than Cristiano Ronaldo. You may not be able to emulate the star midfielder’s on-field football wizardry, but you can certainly follow his off-the-pitch style. Just look to his own denim label, CR7, for all the answers.



The host of the 2018 FIFA World Cup may not have taken home the trophy before, but seeing as the matches are all played on home ground, you know they stand a pretty solid chance. Pull off their football team’s palette of orange and white, and you’re a winner in our books.