Five Ways to Dress Like a Rockstar


Fans of rock music look forward to summer because of two things: new album releases by their favourite bands and concert announcements taking place near their area. With rock bands such as Hundredth and Movements announcing their South-east Asian tour run recently, fans of the music genre can expect to rock out to more of their favourite bands live this season.

However even if you’re not familiar with the rock music scene, you can at least look the part by dressing up as a rockstar with these five easy fashion hacks.

1.    Band tees


One key clothing item to show off the rockstar in you is to include some band t-shirts into your closet. You can either go for a vintage look with tees that showcase classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, or update yourself with tees displaying more current bands like Twenty One Pilots and Paramore.


2.    Ripped jeans


There’s a reason why ripped jeans have stayed a favourite among fashionistas since its first introduction in the late 80’s. It’s the edgiest-looking in the denim category in both menswear and womenswear. Be it a small hole or a big rip, ripped jeans will definitely give an oomph to your rockstar style.


3.    A pair of Converse


When Kurt Cobain is mentioned, his iconic distressed Converse kicks always comes to mind. That’s why a pair of Converse is a must-have to include in your rockstar outfit. Some might prefer Chelsea boots, but a classic pair of Converse Chuck Taylors is the best shoes to rock in.


4.    Leather jackets


Leather biker jackets are commonly worn by motorcyclists but nowadays, the outerwear is popular among rockstars who make the look seem cooler than it is originally intended. You can add leather jackets to your outfit to amplify your whole get-up making you standout among the crowd.


5.    Studs accessory


Finally, accessorise your whole look with studs or spikes to achieve a more hardcore look in your rockstar outfit. Don’t go too overboard with it though, or you’ll look like a human spike strip.


Do you agree with the list? How would you dress yourself as a rockstar? Leave a comment and share your ideas below