Get to Know the Faces of Nike Metallic Sheen Collection — Part I


By Joyce Chua from THREAD SG

You’re missing out if you haven’t checked out Nike’s new Metallic Sheen collection.

The campaign was inspired by the brand’s advocacy of female empowerment through sports and the belief that sports can teach women and girls to challenge the limits of possibility. The collection was thus designed to help women be stronger athletes with its innovative features.

The APLA Nike Women campaign features four dynamic female athletes — Sae Shigemoto, Amber Liu, Tayla Harris, and Arantza Ruiz — who each bring strength, multi-dimensionality, leadership, and most of all a passion for sports to push herself and her city forward.

Amber Liu | Seoul


As a singer, rapper and dancer of the South Korean pop group f(x), Californian native Amber Liu Amber made her debut in 2009. On top of group activities, the Taiwanese-American also composes songs and acts in Korean TV shows. Never one to rest on her laurels, Amber cites running as a huge part of her life. Her goal is to run as many marathons as possible this year.

“I have a burning fire that pushes me constantly, no matter how much I might want to stop. If I didn’t have that mentality and sport, I wouldn’t have anything. There is still a need for more women to realize this and step up. I hope more will consider a 10km run, weights, trying new things and in the end just do it. I’m going to keep improving and wherever my body takes me, I’m going to go push other cities and have them push me.”

Amber’s confidence, strong sense of self, outgoing personality, and advocacy for women and equality inspire many young women beyond Korea.



Tayla Harris | Melbourne


Sports is something Tayla Harris has always known, having grown up in Brisbane, where she played competitive football since age five. She is now one of the biggest names in the Australian Rules Football, playing for Carlton Football Club in Melbourne.

“When I was a young girl, there was no team for me. I grew up thinking I’m not allowed. Girls don’t do that. But now they can, and they do. Now at games there are little girls wearing our team colors and often with our names on the back. That is my favorite part. That is worth falling on my head for.”

Aside from football, her main sport, Tayla is also an amateur boxer who trains as a boxing athlete during football off-seasons. To date, the go-getter has competed in three professional competitions, with the most recent one in June.

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