Here’s Why We’re In Love With Nike’s Latest Metallic Sheen Collection


By Joyce Chua from THREAD SG

Nike’s intuitive knack for designing sportswear for optimal performance has set it far ahead in the game. Which is why we’re psyched for its latest collection designed for women who seek comfort and style in their exercise gear — the Nike Metallic Sheen.

The Message Behind Nike Metallic Sheen

As a staunch advocate of female empowerment through sports, Nike aims to help women be stronger athletes with their innovative designs.

The Nike Metallic Sheen collection stemmed from their belief that sports teaches women and girls to push past their perception of possibility, and make strides despite of what stands in their way.

The collection offers a modern aesthetic that celebrates feminine strength, multi-dimensionality, leadership and a passion for sport. The empowering message is delivered by the four faces of the campaign: Sae Shigemoto, Amber Liu, Tayla Harris, and Arantza Ruiz (below).


Despite hailing from diverse backgrounds, these ambassadors share one thing in common: their go-getter spirit and unwavering strength.

Here’s what else we love about the collection:

Figure-Flattering Features


Nike’s designs are invariably flattering to the female figure — from contouring lines to asymmetry to colour-blocking to create an optical effect of a leaner silhouette.

To reflect the balance and harmony between strength and femininity, the pieces combine matte shine looks with metallic accents and soft, oversized fleece pieces.

And in celebration of the female form, apparels also include figure-flattering details like cinching and smart seaming, while taking into consideration practical concerns by offering fast-drying and breathable performance properties.


Versatile Pieces


The brand is all about versatile sportswear. It understands the needs of the modern aesthetically conscious woman who strives to perform in comfort and style. The designs transition seamlessly from workout to lifestyle outfits and can easily be layered to fit into a sporty-casual outfit for a street-chic vibe.


Tailored for Women


Aside from its gorgeous sleek design, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 is built for runners at every level, whether seasoned or beginner, thanks to its breathable mesh upper and out-turned collar for Achilles comfort. Plus, the cushioning combines full-length Zoom Air and a soft foam that is tailored for female runners for the first time ever.

Nike Metallic Sheen apparel and footwear is in stores globally.