How to Destress At Work


By Bea Punzalan from THREAD PH

Let’s take a chill pill.

Back-to-back meetings? Big sales pitch? No time for lunch? Stress at work is common. Everyone’s bound to run into at least one crazy day at the office, and for some people, it’s a fact of life. And all that anxiety and pressure can cause breakdowns.

Stress levels only get higher as time goes by, and there’s one thing we should prioritize — to take care of ourselves, not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. We can’t always control what causes us stress, but we can control how we respond to it and manage it.

Here’s ten surefire ways to help you keep your stress levels at bay!

Take Deep Breaths At Your Desk


Imagine it like this: in each exhale you’re letting go of all the negative thoughts, and with each inhale, you’re creating more room for positive energy. Long deep breaths can also help calm down your heart rate and bring it back to normal. After taking a breather, slowly get back to your work — but never pressure yourself too much!


Drink Up


Avoid caffeine. No matter how much you love coffee, your reliance on it can contribute a lot to your stress levels. A good alternative is some good old H2O! Although drinking water doesn’t completely diminish stress levels, it sure does help calm down the nerves when you down a bottle or two. Drinking enough fluid— around half a liter — will make you feel better.


Eat a Couple of Snacks


When you’re stressed, you can sometimes forgot about giving your body the proper nutrition it needs. As humans, we get our energy from food and from sleep. With the lack of sleep caused by stress, your body can instead get the energy it needs to keep you going throughout the day through the food you eat. So make sure you eat up and snack wisely.


Put Your Laptop To Sleep For A While


Step away from the screen and give your eyes a break. Studies show that uninterrupted computer use highly contributes to one’s stress levels and can damage your overall mental health. Give yourself multiple breaks throughout the day. You may be working a desk job, but we need a few breaks in between, don’t we? Even ten minutes away from the screen is enough, or even a quick bathroom break will suffice!


Keep A ‘Calm’ Playlist


Keep a playlist that will instantly lift your spirits up in times that you’re feeling to down or too stressed. Whatever it is that you prefer, be it some Little Mix, some K-Pop, or some One Direction, as long as it helps calm your nerves down and puts a smile on your face then you’ll be good.

Here’s my personal playlist that empowers me in seconds! ❤



Chew Some Gum


Studies say that chewing gum makes one more alert, relieves you of anxiety, and reduce stress levels. Bonus: good breath!


Watch Some Dog Videos

Or cats! Doesn’t matter. Going on a quick binge with cute animal videos will instantly relieve you of stress. A smile is guaranteed!


Pop Some Chocolates In


A pop of Hershey’s or Kitkat owes its soothing power to cacao. It can reduce the stress hormone we know as cortisol, the “flight-or-fight” hormone that highly contributes to our stress levels. It even doubles its power with dark chocolate! The components in dark chocolates contain serotonin, which is an anti-depressant that can help elevate one’s overall mood.


Walk To Lunch


Give your body some exercise before that lunch date with your colleagues. The ten-minute walk downstairs can be equated to your meditation. Let yourself be free from thoughts and stress, clear your head and just walk! ❤


Give Yourself Some Affirmation


Think happy thoughts! Motivate yourself to work hard, but not to the point that you burn out. Know that you’re enough, and that you and your work is significant. You know what they say, there’s always a rainbow after the rain. You just have to go through all the rain. ❤

And that’s it!

Make sure to always detox your mind, free it from toxic thoughts that can further elevate your stress levels. In that way you can help yourself create an environment that’s healthy for your mind!

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