How to Get Your Friends to Like Your Significant Other


Friends can sometimes feel like an external family you chose yourself. They are the ones who look out for you, support however crazy your decisions may be, and most importantly, be by your side at midnight when you’re craving for a late snack.

But all kinds of hell break loose when they disapprove of your significant other. This problem often happens to newly couples who date people from outside of their usual circle.

Don’t worry though, you can navigate your way through this sticky situation with some tips of getting your friends to like the love of your life.

1.    Warm them up


They say first impression matters, and that is exactly what you should achieve when introducing your partner for the very first time. Get them together for a casual hangout session that could have them communicate with one another. Avoid heavy and thought-provoking topics such as feminism, religion, and other controversial matters that could lead to a heated debate.


2.    Spend time equally


One big factor that contributes to your friends’ hatred is that you don’t spend time with them as much as you do with your partner. This problem can be solved by equally giving time to both your clan and your partner separately. How about alternately plan a boy’s night out at the club on one night, then go on a romantic date with your special someone on the other?


3.    Bring your partner to your friends’ world

Introduce your partner to what you and your friends normally do together. Maybe shop for sneakers with her like how boys frequently do or show him some makeup tutorials that you and your girl friends enjoy watching. These small introductions could also help be a conversation starter for your partner when he/she wants to interact with your gang.


4.    It all comes to you


If all your efforts to get both parties together fail, know that at the end of the day, it is ultimately your decision. It always helps that your friends have your back in things, but sometimes, some things – or in this case, person – should be kept private.


Do you have your own ways on dealing with this problem? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts on the matter!