How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work


Being in a relationship is hard enough but having to do it long distance is even worst. This may be due to factors like dating people from another country or state which does not allow both parties to spend time together. Some people do not believe in LDR and prefer to date people which are closer in location with them because trust issues will eventually emerge later in the long distance relationships. However, if you want to make it work with your beloved partner, there are definitely legit ways on how you can still connect with another from afar.

1.     Video Calls


Technology plays a very significant role in any long distance relationships as it makes sharing your experiences together easier. The ladies can put on a little makeup and the gentlemen can look their best during the video calls. Be it through Skype, Facetime or Whatsapp video calls, set a time and date where you can talk face-to-face virtually for long hours especially if you are in different time zones. Not only that, you could also check up on each other with video calls when you go about your day.


2.     Do not create issues


One of the main causes of break ups is when you create issues from small stuffs such as when one of you replied a little late on a text or missed a call,. Trust issues, misunderstandings and miscommunications can be contributing factors so make sure you always never assume on certain things. Be mature and talk everything out. If you practice good communications and develop trust to one another, you will have a large chance to sustain the relationship.


3.     Celebrate proximity


Whenever it is time for your sweet couple reunion, enjoy the moment together and plan for an exciting date together. Wear your favourite outfit, find a restaurant which serves both of your favourite dishes or watch the movie you both have been holding off to watch. Put some effort into planning your sweet romantic reunion and don’t forget to snap photos of it too!


4.     Make it enticing


Long distance relationship requires both of you to put extra effort in order to make it last. Since you are far away from each other, always spice up the relationship by making unexpected gift deliveries, surprise visits or send love letters the classic way through post.


So are you currently in a long distance relationship? Share us your experience and how you maintain the closeness in the comment section below.