Men's Top Fashion Picks This Season

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Half of 2018 has gone by and we have seen a lot of interesting styles in the men’s side of fashion. This quarter, however, sees a surge in denim among men who have their own specific style. Be it skinny, slim, or regular fit, jeans have been dominating the fashion scene and it looks like the trend isn’t going to die down anytime soon. Check out the variety of denim style on our quarterly list below.

1.    Skinny jeans

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Skinny jeans have remained popular among men as it gives out that rockstar look they never thought they had. Though it did generate some debate regarding its effects on men’s health (numbness in the groin area and dyspermia), it didn’t stop them from rocking these stylish jeans.


2.    Levi’s housemark tee

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Levi’s, which started in 1853, continues to be a staple name in the denim scene. So, it is only fitting that men want to promote their favourite clothing brand that specialises in denimwear. Wearing a Levi’s housemark tee is the perfect way to do so and is one of the trending styles in men’s fashion today.


3.    Levi’s 505 regular fit trousers

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Besides denim, Levi’s also makes trousers that are surprisingly good as their jeans in terms of quality and comfort. This is apparent when their 505 regular fit trousers are one of the top picks among men this season.


4.    Slim-fit jeans

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The most preferred fit when it comes to jeans is obviously slim. It is suitable for men in every type of body figure be it someone who is lean and fit or someone who is slightly on the heavier category. Either way, a nice pair of slim-fit jeans go with everything and everyone.


5.    Slim straight stretchable denim

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Recently, stretchable denim is seen worn by a lot of men. What usually is a fabric worn by women has now jump to menswear and is attracting men to try the new denim. Maybe it’s because of its comfort where the jeans stretch without them ever tearing. That’s one less thing to worry, right?


Are you up to date enough to have all these five items? If you do, share which is your favourite among them in the comments section below.