Places to Visit in Thailand to Experience the Fascinating Culture


Are you planning to have a vacation filled with cultural experiences soon? If you are, one of the best places to spend your holiday is Thailand! Learn about the various spots around the country and experience the culture first hand. From temples to meeting the tribes living in Thailand, your visit will truly be meaningful. Check out some of the places that will be the perfect start to your vacation.

1.     The White Temple


The Chiang Rai White Temple is definitely a place to visit as your heart will race observing the beautiful architecture of the place. The fully white exterior and perfectly designed interior gives visitors that majestic feel. The White Temple structural unique design symbolizes life and death where the premise has a bridge of ‘the cycle of rebirth’ and down the bridge you can notice outreaching hands. Visit this place to understand more deeply about the temple and its story.


2.     Long Neck Tribe Village


neck village could help you understand the reasons behind it. Every traveller would absolutely love to experience this unique setting where the ladies in the village wear traditional brass rings around their necks. The tribals believes the rings help protect ladies if a tiger attacks. Buy handmade souvenirs, take photos with them and interact!


3.     Floating market


Damnoen Saduak floating market is another must-visit place as you can experience the uniqueness and colourful ambience. The best way to explore this market is by hiring a boat taxi that will navigate through the whole maze of the place. From delicious street food, fruits, vegetables to traditional clothes and handmade ornaments, you will definitely love the entire shopping experience while observing the culture. Business hours are from 7am to 9am.


4.     The Grand Palace


Located in the heart of Bangkok, this is the most famous attraction. The palace was home to the king, his court and the government with huge walls built around the palace. However, in order to be permitted to enter the palace, you need to dress in appropriate clothing as they have strict dress code for visitors.


Have you ever been to Thailand before? Let us know what other places that we should add onto the list in the comment section below.