Reasons Why Men Don't Call Women Back


 There would be many reasons why men don’t call women back after a date. Men do not obsess over something too much because if they like you, they will pursue you but if something you did turns them off in a way, you will no longer hear from them. So if you are one of those ladies who often spend hours waiting by the phone for a man to call you back, do not waste your time doing that. Why? This is because if he is eager to pursue you, he will not stop calling. For those who don’t get the call backs, here are some reasons why men don’t.

1.     No Chemistry


You may be a beautiful lady, polite, sweet and look your best in the perfect pair of high heels and dress but if a man finds that they have no chemistry with you or develop some sort of connection, they will probably not call you to ask for a second date. Chemistry is a natural thing that happens between two people so if the connection could not be made, men normally do not waste their time to dig for it.


2.     Being Rude


You may be prepared for the date but sometimes women tend to forget to act ladylike and make rude comments toward the guy or other people around her. For example, if the waiter got you the wrong food and you make a snarky comment or even if the guy is not somehow what you expected like being a little bit shorter than you. No matter what the reason is, being rude is not cool and a man would not appreciate that attitude.


3.     He’s just not that into you


Sometimes you could be on the most fabulous date and had a great time together but if the sparks are missing, he might not proceed in pursuing you. He may be searching for fireworks and the necessary attraction he seeks may not be present for him to foster a relationship.  Don’t take it personal, there are plenty of fish in the sea.


4.     He does not what commitment


 Well, this reason is also not your fault because some men shy away from commitment. When they feel that they start to like you in a way, they will stop in their tracks and avoid you all together. So honey, don’t worry about men like this as you could always find a man which is serious to start a committed relationship with you.


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