Style Guide: How to Look ‘Bad and Boujee’ and Stay Modest


By Nadiya Nabilah from THREAD SG

Have you ever fallen in love with an outfit at first sight?

The outfit with the perfect style, colors, and vibe you love. But then you think, “Am I showing too much skin?” or, “I’m not confident enough to expose that much of my body.”

Good news: there is a way to rock an outfit without showing too much skin by tweaking it to your modest liking.

Here are some ways you can look ‘bad and boujee’ without going out of your comfort zone:

1. Layer It


Crop tops, sleeveless jumpsuits, spaghetti-strapped tops, and tube tops have always been in trend. One subtle way of styling these without looking overdressed is to wear a plain t-shirt underneath. The focus of the outfit would still be on the crop top, but you don’t have to worry about a nip slip.


2. Outerwear is your new best friend


Nothing completes your outfit like some seriously stylish outerwear. Be it a parka, leather jacket, or denim jacket, it lets you cover up raising your chic factor. Have a bomber jacket on hand or throw on a slouchy blazer for a quick upgrade to your look.


3. Make high-waist pants your go-to


Crop tops and high-waist pants are a deluxe combo. It may seem difficult to find a stylish tee without it either being cropped or purchased from the men’s section. If you’re not entirely comfortable with revealing your midsection in a crop top, make high-waist pants your new closet essential closet. Now you can take on any crop top you want!


4. Max out that dress


If you feel left out looking at your favourite models wearing petite little dresses, fret not because maxi dresses and midi dresses are always an option for you! With these summer-ready dresses, you don’t have to worry about the hem of the dress riding up. Better yet, they give you the effortlessly sophisticated, modest and feminine look that is all class.


5. Be your very own designer!


Contrary to popular belief, trimming and tweaking the piece that you bought mostly requires only a pair of scissors, a needle and a thread! Often when you shop at a thrift store — or even regular stores — the clothes don’t fit you just right. If the dress you bought is too short and revealing, you can simply cut it into a top that you can wear with jeans. Learning to design your own clothes takes time but as they say, practice makes perfect!

Looking ‘bad and boujee’ does not necessarily mean exposing skin. You can still rock your look while preserving your modesty. Ultimately, confidence in is the key.