The 5 Biggest 2018 Beauty Runway Trends

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Who says that runways are to only showcase fabulous designs of clothing from fashion designers? The runway is also the place where we can spot various beauty trends as well. For those who missed out on realizing this year’s trending beauty looks, here are the top five biggest ones that got the attention among women. You can tweak and even create a subtle inspired beauty look from these runway beauty trends to implement into your real-life beauty routine.

1.       Flushed Cheeks

                                                                Benefit Blush Bar

                                                               Benefit Blush Bar

The flushed cheek beauty look is one of the top favourite from this year’s trend as it gives women that sweet blushing appearance. It is a versatile look which works with any outfits you have on and definitely brightens up your dull face. Fake your blush by picking out a blusher shade which matches your skin tone and top it with a hint if highlight for a fresher touch.     


2.       The Cleopatra Eyes

                                 Eglips - Super Slim Auto Long Eyeliner S1 Black Swan

                                Eglips - Super Slim Auto Long Eyeliner S1 Black Swan

Who doesn’t love the Cleopatra eyes? This beauty trend is getting a huge attention among women as it brings out a woman’s sexy appeal. This year the Egyptian Queen’s signature eyeliner look is becoming thicker, bold and extra dramatic on the runway. Women can portray their sense of mysterious yet alluring vibe rocking this beauty trend in real life for parties, a date or even a night out of town with friends.


3.       Crystals


Taking a break from eyeliners, makeup artists have utilized the beauty of Swarovski crystals into their beauty looks. Applying the crystals along the lines around the eyes or on top of the eyelids gives out that exclusive touch. This is one of the memorable beauty trend which reveals a person’s sophisticated side while maintaining that simple yet unique alternative cat eye look.


4.       Neon


Playing with fluorescent colours on the runway definitely helps puts focus on the model’s facial features which balances the outfits as well. Women who prefer that statement makeup will absolutely love rocking the neon bright eyeshadow and electric lipstick look.


5.       Underline it bright

Flipping the classic winged eyeliner over the black and white looks, tracing the line along the lower lashes with bold coloured eyeliner shade definitely gives an edgy vibe. For those ladies looking for a new look, this beauty trend will be the perfect choice! Be creative and play with technicolour shades and feel confident showing it off in front of others.


So which 2018 runway beauty trend that you adore? Let us know in the comment section below.