Trend Tutorial: Back To The 80s


By Nica Dobles from THREAD PH

Brighter, bigger, bolder

After years of minimalism, the fashion world’s been trending back to the other side of the spectrum over the past season or two. Maximalism is the new name of the game, and nothing embodies that concept more than the 1980s — the decade of big hair, loud colors, and bold outfit choices.

Plus with 80s nostalgia coming strong in pop culture — think TV shows like Stranger Things and The Americans — it’s no surprise that it’s starting to make its mark on our wardrobes as well. You might cringe when you think about the often outrageous fashion of those years, but trust us — there’s a way to wear the trend tastefully and bring it into the 21st century. Read on for our guide on 80s dressing!

Strong Shoulders

This is probably the first style element you think about when you hear the phrase “80s fashion”. From power dressing in workwear suits for daytime to one-shouldered dresses at night, structured shoulders dominated the decade.

Update the look with boxy oversized blazers (shoulder pads optional) in an on-trend print — tweed is still going strong this season, but we’re also fond of a bold stripe. Alternatively, take a cue from Isabel Marant and show off your legs in a mini-dress or jumpsuit with exaggerated shoulders. This’ll balance out your proportions and keep you from looking like you’re drowning in fabric, although it’s also a good idea to keep your waist defined with a fitted bodice or a belt.


Glitter Baby

Nothing screams 80s glam like sequins, spangles, and shine. Whether you’re going with full-out sequins and glitter, or a little more subtle with metallic fabrics, the modern take on this trend tones it down with sleek silhouettes and monochrome palettes.

                                                      WALLIS Silver Sequin Sleeve Top

                                                     WALLIS Silver Sequin Sleeve Top


Statement Denim

The punk movement of the 1970s bled into the 80s, influencing the popularity of statement denim — one of the must-have pieces of the decade was a stonewashed or acidwashed jean jacket. Bonus points if it came with patches, pins, or other embroidery.

Denim will never go out of style, but embellished denim in particular has been in vogue lately, meaning you can dig up your parents’ vintage jacket and rock it without looking out-of-place today.


Color Pop


Everything about the 80s was loud, especially color. From the primary colors associated with hip hop culture to the bright neons of the aerobics craze, people weren’t afraid to wear all shades of the rainbow.

This season, Prada went full neon, while Versace played with colorblocking and prints-mixing. Take your cue from them and rock unusual colors like magentas and fushcias, bold blues, and sunny yellows. If you’re feeling brave, intentionally clash by wearing them together — and for the especially fashion-forward, you can pick up a piece in a leopard print for the ultimate 80s throwback.

Are you feeling the 80s style revival? Sound off in the comments section below! And if you’re rocking the trend, we want to see!