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By Bea Punzalan from THREAD PH

Countrify your holiday hustle.

No other texture comes in mind other than woven straw accessories during a holiday out in the beach or that much needed vacation in Europe. The perfect accent to amplify that flowy summer dress and those sunglasses, from straw bags and hats, to espadrilles, your summer #ootd will turn heads everywhere!


Let’s give you a quick rundown of classic straw accessories for your summer essentials! ❤

Straw Hats

hat 2.JPG

Straw hats! Need we say more? It’s the overall BEST protection from the sun, ultimately guarding your face from the harshness of UV rays (don’t forget to wear sunscreen!) and keeping you in style.

hat 3.JPG

Hurry fast and wear it while you can! It’s one of the few accessories you can’t pull off after summer!

hat 4.JPG


Straw Bags or Purses

bag summer.JPG

Gone are the days for leather and designer handbags. Ideal for a quick hang in the park or a weekend at the beach, woven rattan hand and shoulder bags are your newest best friend. Giving your #ootd the ultimate vintage feel, it also lessens your worry of getting sand on (and in) your bag! Getting this all ragged and dirty wouldn’t hurt a dime, it may even look better that way!

Not to mention its size! It’s extremely compact and easy to bring around. Just need your sunscreen, phone, wallet and lipstick of choice then you’re good to go for that walk on the beach!


Straw Totes

summer tote.JPG

But if you’re the ultimate tita who brings practically her entire life in one bag, then straw totes are perfect for your holiday out! They’re much bigger in size, so you can bring your laptop, towel and book along that tanning session!




Look chic and stylish with the typical summer sandals. Espadrilles have been around for ages. Originating from France, espadrilles are made from espartorope, hence the name espadrilles. They usually have cotton or canvas as lining so they’re particularly very comfy for long walks! They even come in wedges, flats, sandals and even mules!

And that’s it!


Did we manage to get you into the woven straw accessories trend? Share us thoughts below and your favorite piece out of the four! ❤

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