Ways to Use Foundation to Look Like Your Second Skin


Have you noticed how some women appear amazingly flawless as if they are not wearing any foundation on? For those who are eager to obtain that natural glow without having a trace of foundation spotted on your face, here are some of the ways you can make your foundation look like a second skin. Check it out below.

1.     Moisturizer is important


This is a no-brainer as moisturizing your face after cleansing it can supercharge your glow. Make sure to give a little facial massage while applying moisturizer to boost circulation as well as reduce the puffiness. However, due to the nature of moisturizers that could tend to make your face oily, do not go overboard with your application.


2.     Prime your face

                          NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Studio Perfect Primer - Green

                         NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Studio Perfect Primer - Green

Use an anti-shine primer for some problem areas on your face for example, your forehead, side of the nose and around the mouth. A little goes a long way to help your foundation last longer on your face when applied correctly. NYX Professional Makeup Studio Perfect Primer is one of the products which can prep your complexion to create a smooth surface before applying your foundation on.


3.     Buff on your foundation

manu-camargo-60128-unsplash (1).jpg

Whether you have been applying your foundation using a brush or your fingers, a tip to make your foundation glide smoothly without a trace is by using the buffing method. The buffing method is a movement where you dab your foundation into your skin compared to painting it on. This method builds a smooth coverage which makes your face appear glowing naturally.


4.     Set with translucent powder


Finally, set the foundation with a light translucent powder to seal it all in and prevent unwanted shine. Use a brush to apply it in for an even tone to get that perfect looking yet flawless second skin.


So are you ready to create your second skin with these makeup tips? Let us know how you did in the comment section below.