What to Pack for a Beach Vacation


It can be very overwhelming whenever you need to pack for a beach vacation as you do not want to go overboard but at the same time does not want to forget anything important. First of all, before you start packing, the tips that can be given is to plan out your itinerary for the whole stay and from there you could make a decision of what is needed to make your vacation an enjoyable experience.

1.    Swimsuits/ Bikini


This is an important must-have to pack for the beach as you can show off your summer bod with confidence while donning the most stunning piece of swimsuit or bikini on. Pack your favourite swimwear for your vacation and snap your OOTD’s.


2.    Beach bag


Switch your handbags with a suitable substitute to carry all your belongings such as your cellphone, wallet and sunglasses. There are plenty of beach bags designs available that you could choose from depending on your personal style. From rattan designs to cotton prints, the right beach also helps elevates your personal beach look.


3.    Sunscreen


Another must-have item you could never forget to pack on your vacation is sunscreen! You do not want to look fantastic before your vacation and come back looking burnt from all the sun. Therefore, do protect yourself by applying sunscreen on your skin so that you could feel confident to enjoy your beach time.


4.    The perfect sun hat

                                                           Billabong Stop And Go Hat

                                                          Billabong Stop And Go Hat

This serves as the perfect accessory for your beach look, plus, it protects from face from the blazing sun too. Simply find the perfect sun hat which you can show off with style and match it with all your outfits. Due to its versatile nature, you could never go wrong flaunting your sun hat from day to night at the beach.


So what are other important things that you NEED in your beach vacation packing list? Tell us in the comment section below.