10 Cover Songs Worth Listening To

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Cover versions of popular songs are done either because people want to revive its popularity or simply out of pure love for the song or artist. You can find numerous videos of these on YouTube done by artists themselves or wannabes with awesome voices and you'll be spoilt for choice. For some people it's like listening to the song for the first time. That's how good they are. We've shortlisted 10 cover versions you have to try listening to so read on and get your headphones ready.

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1. Dancing On My Own - Calum Scott (2016)

Calum Scott first sang this song as a contestant on Britain's Got Talent. Due to his success on the show, he went on to release a single making the song even more popular than the original as he belts it out with his own unique style. It definitely pulls at your heartstrings more than the upbeat 2010 original by Robyn. It's worth mentioning that his current song You Are The Reason is also being made into cover versions by many others!


2. Endless Love - Luther Vandross & Mariah Carey (1994)


What happens when two powerful singers come together to create another timeless classic? Magic and class all rolled into one. If Lionel Richie and Diana Ross (1972) made this into an evergreen song, Luther and Mariah certainly breathed more life into it with their powerful vocals making it equally unforgettable as the original.


3. I Have Nothing -  Matt Boyd (2016)

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This 1992 song by Whitney Houston was part of the soundtrack for the movie 'The Bodyguard' and is a personal favourite of the writer. Whitney is surely a tough act to follow but Matt Boyd's version has got to be the best male version so far. He takes on the high notes with such emotion and with only the piano accompanying him he definitely does justice to the song.


4. When I Was Your Man - Boyce Avenue (feat. Fifth Harmony) (2013)

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This trio of brothers have come up with countless cover versions they release on YouTube, play their own instruments and have sung with various artists covering just about any popular song out there. Their take on this song features the lead singer of Boyce Avenue, Alejandro, with the five ladies from Fifth Harmony. The result is a beautiful ballad with their own accoustic rendition that is different yet at par with Bruno Mars' original song (2012).


5. From Dusk Till Dawn - Kirsten Collins, Blake Rose, KHS Cover (2017)

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KHS covers are always awesome and worth viewing (on YouTube). Kurt Hugo Schneider (KHS) is a genius in creating great covers and he pulls in such strong and talented singers to do it topped with amazing song arrangements. This is just one of many covers we love with KHS's signature piano rendition making it a beautiful version less noisy than the one sung by original singers Zayn ft. Sia (2017).


6. Belaian Jiwa - Innuendo (1997)

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This song was a hit in 1979 and was originally sung by the band Carefree. Innuendo, a Malaysian boy band at the time crooned their ways into the heart of many young girls out there and made it into a hit yet again with their unforgettable finger snapping, R&B version. It still is by far, the best remake of the original.


7. Tunggu Sekejap - Sheila Majid (1993)

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The legendary late Tan Sri P Ramlee wrote most of his songs and sang them with such deep and rich tones making them all unforgettable. Sheila successfully turned this classic song of his about one pining for their loved one (featured in the 1958 movie Sarjan Hassan), into her own jazzy and modern version. You will also hear bits of that Sheila Majid trademark we are fond of hearing in this beautiful song.


8. Mewangi - iamNEETA (2016)


If you loved this song by Akim & The Majistret (2015) you'll also love this sweet and haunting cover done by this young lass, Neeta and her band iamNEETA. Akim belts out an intense and great rock feel to the song in his husky voice but this one gives you a much mellowed version with its accoustic ryhthm. Definitely worth listening to from a band making its mark in the Malaysian music industry.


9. Getaran Jiwa - Eb Duet Cover (2015)


Eve Wong and Billy Ho (Eb), a Malaysian duo sang  a cover version of this timeless P. Ramlee classic on YouTube in 2015 and got their big break when their song was featured in a Nescafe advertisement the following year. Eve who has such a sweet and soothing voice partnered with perfect accoustics from Billy makes this indeed a great cover worth mentioning. They also do other great covers so go check them out!


10. Perfect - Khai Bahar (2018)


A number of great covers have been done for this song originally sung by Ed Sheeran (2017) so why not share one from a rising Malaysian singer. With just the piano accompanying him Khai Bahar nailed this song perfectly and with gusto too. Coming from a fellow Malaysian we can say we're proud to have such talented individuals who can be versatile in their creative expressions.



If you're old school and only like originals why not try listening to cover versions for a change. YouTube is a start. After all, videos can give you a much more complete feel as you listen and watch. Who knows you even can check out some good fashion inspirations. We may be biased with our list of songs here but we assure you that most of the time covers don't disappoint. They'll blow you away and can even make you fall in love with the original or just make you like the new version more. Do you have any cover songs you'd like to recommend? We'd love to hear them.