5 Steps for Mothers to Kick Start Your Exercise Habit


While motherhood can be quite off-putting to many of us due to the mountains of commitments that you bear, it justifies the importance of controlling your thoughts and physique so that you don’t get carried away with it. Doing this ‘mother’ thing shouldn’t set you far from living a healthy life. In fact, it also ceases to matter if you are a mother with small kids or that your children are all grownups. Because it is up to you to mend your present situation accordingly so as to achieve the improvements that you wish for.

1.       Begin with an intention, not mere motivation

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If you only wait for motivation, chances are you won’t ever set your foot on this project. Instead, begin your endeavour with the intentions of getting a healthy and happier life physically, mentally and emotionally. A healthy physique leads to a healthy mind and soul. Set the aim of wanting back the old you, years before motherhood came into the picture. Remember the hot, active and vocal person you used to be? Yes, get her back. 


2.       Stream FREE exercise videos on Youtube

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There are heaps of exercise and workout videos available for FREE on the internet. Most usually come with verbal instructions to guide you on the steps. Some even display the range of burnt calories throughout the session. With a smart phone, an internet access, a Youtube site in just a few clicks away, this should stand as a huge privilege for us beginners to start a healthy habit.


3.       Set your exercise preferences


If you focus on losing the number on the scale, cardio exercises would work wonders. But if you’re aiming to tone them hips and butts, opt for strength training instead. Even so, there are still numerous options you could choose to suit your exercise forte; yoga, zumba, tai chi, qi gong, aerobics or any kind of sports. Not only that, you could also mix them up and enjoy the fruit of your hustle. 


4.       Take baby steps

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As ‘baby’ as a 5-minute workout in your bedroom, barefoot and without any single equipment. That’s the real deal of mothers trying to start a healthy habit. Through consistent schedule say 5 times a week, you could see changes in your physique from the improved blood circulation and other benefits behind it. These exercises can be a 5-minute Early Morning Workout or a 5-minute Lunch Hour Workout, have it your way!


5.       Gradually increase your intensity

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You may opt to extend your exercise period from 5 minutes to 10, 20 or even 30 minutes per session gradually. You may also begin using weights like kettlebells or resistance bands to intensify the pressure and outcome. In fact, changing your exercise regime helps to keep this habit a fun thing to do!

So how did you start your exercise routine? And how did the process go from there? Would love to hear your experiences so don’t forget to drop your stories in comments below. Time to exchange stories!