Amazing Places to Visit When You Are in Paris

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Known as the City of Love, Paris is surely one of the top places in everybody’s travel bucket list to visit. The beautiful monuments, lavish streets to a wide range of restaurants, you will definitely have a fun time. If you are wondering what are the amazing things you can do while you are there, pack your bags and take a look down below so you would not miss it in your travel plan itinerary.

1.     Eiffel Tower


As you might have expected, this should definitely be on top of your list to go to when you are in Paris. The symbolic Eiffel Tower built by Gustave Eiffel to commemorate the centenary of French Revolution. Spend your time around the Trocadéro to watch the sunrise over the Eiffel Tower while having a picnic or climb up the tower itself to enjoy the whole city view. Also, do not miss the chance to visit it during night time as well as the Eiffel Tower will be beautifully lit up giving that enchanting vibe.


2.     Siene River Cruise


For those looking to get that glimpse of Paris magic, do not miss the chance to get on the Siene river cruise which lasts for an hour. It is recommended to get a ride during the night in order to experience the beautiful scenery of lit monuments from Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Pont Alexandre III and many more while feeling cold breeze for that romantic aura.


 3.     The Louvre Museum


If you want that perfect shot for Instagram, the Louvre Museum is a must-visit place to go to during your trip. Experience the beautiful architecture of the museum and enter inside to observe iconic treasures of history. Whether you are not a museum type of person, this museum’s architecture is unique and would fit perfectly into your OOTD Instagram shots.


4.     Disneyland Paris


Why not spend some cash on some fairytale magic by going to Disneyland in Paris? Be a kid again and immerse yourself in the whole exciting rides available there. Whether you are a couple or going there with friends or family, Disneyland will always put a smile on your face.


So what other things or places that is a must-have to go in Paris? Share your ideas in the comment box below.