[Beauty 101] How to Get That Dewy Beach Glow Look


It is the wonderful summer times and many of you are probably planning your beach vacation as we speak. From shopping new beachwears, making a vacation itinerary to booking a place to stay, the vacation is not complete without knowing how to get that dewy beach glow. No, we are not talking about tanning yourself under the sun but we want you to have that dewy beach glow even before heading down on your vacation. For the ladies who are clueless on how they can get that beach glow look on the first day on the vacation, here are some simple makeup tricks that will do the trick.

1.     Create that smooth base


First and foremost, you should start by creating a smooth base on your face by using a primer. Primer helps to combat shine and provides that nice base for your foundation to last longer on your face especially as you will be spending most time at the beach which your makeup will melt from the heat. Therefore, apply primer before the foundation to get that best smooth surface where you can proceed on working.


2.     Fake a Flush

                                 Canmake Cream Cheek 2.3g [#CL06 Clear Peach Sugar]

                                Canmake Cream Cheek 2.3g [#CL06 Clear Peach Sugar]

Remember that post-workout flush look that you often get? Why not re-create the flush by dabbing on that pink hint on your cheeks and the tip of your nose. For that perfect natural touch, it is recommended to use a cream textured blusher and blend it into your face.


3.     Light Your Face Up

                                                 Benefit High Beam Liquid Highlighter

                                                Benefit High Beam Liquid Highlighter

This is where everything comes in place! Light your face up with the use of an illuminizer of also known as the highlighter. It helps gives you that beach glow shine that you want to create with ease. Apply it on the T zone area, cheeks, inside corner of your eyes as well as your chin. You will definitely see that quick boost of difference and for that extra element, apply it on your neck and shoulders. You will absolutely appear irresistibly sexy and glowing throughout your vacation.


4.     Seal your lips


Never forget to ensure that your lips are smooth and supply by sealing it with a balm and nude lipliner. Liner your lips with a nude shade to give that refined shape and apply lip balm to avoid your lips from cracking with all the heat. And remember to always hydrate!


So are you ready to get your summer beach glow face? Let us know some of your own secret makeup tricks in the comment section below. Also check out our Summer favourites from ZALORA here.