[Beauty 101] How to Get That Hollywood Glam

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It cannot be denied that there are various makeup looks that women love to experiment with and one of them is the classic Hollywood glam. This might be one of the popular looks that women love to pull off as it gives off that sexy vibe. For the ladies who are interested in flaunting that confident Hollywood Glam makeup look, check out some of the easiest makeup tips to achieve it down below.

1.     Red Lips

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Hollywood Glam look is known for the red bold lipstick and the best way to get the perfect red lip look is starting by outlining your lips with a red shade lipstick liner. Once that is done, proceed in filling your lips with lipstick by using a lip brush in order to get that clean neat red lip touch.


2.     Wavy Hair

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What is a Hollywood look without that sexy wavy hair? Get your curls on for the big voluminous look and feel a boost of confidence showing it off anywhere you go. Everyone knows that wavy hair looks will certainly enhance your level of sexiness.


3.     Long Lashes

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Draw attention to the eyes by creating that bold stare with eyeliner and mascara. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and apply black mascara on the top and bottom to frame the look of your eyes. If you are into fake eyelashes or falsies, it will also be the perfect trick to obtain that Hollywood glam as well.


4.     Make that blush

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The look is not perfect without adding that natural blush on your cheeks. Puff up your cheeks with that pink shade blusher and you will definitely get that rosy sweet look that completes your Hollywood Glam. Whether a cream blush or powder blush, blend in well and you are set to go!


What are your beauty tips in order to make your Hollywood makeup look perfect? Share it down below.