[Beauty 101] How to Make Your Lip Colour Last All Night


Every woman needs to know some of the tips and tricks on how to make your lip colour last longer. It cannot be denied that one of the biggest challenge women faces is making sure that our lipstick shade is looking on point and fixed no matter where we are. However, the lipstick shade tends to smudge away and lose its fresh touch as we go throughout the day so if you want to know some ways on how to solve the issue you are facing, read down below.

1.     Scrub your lips


This is to help you from removing any excess dirt and smoothen out the surface of your lips. It will absolutely help you to apply your lipstick as the smooth surface makes your shade appear more even. Choose any shade you want to don the entire day and apply it with confidence.


2.     Do not go overboard with gloss


One rule of thumb in making sure you have that fresh lip look is to not go overboard with your gloss application. Start from the center of your lips and fan it outwards to prevent the gloss product collecting in the mid of your lips. If you think that applying gloss would be messy, think again? You could prevent the risk of your lipstick shade smudging by applying some powder around the edges of your mouth


3.     The technique


If you use a regular lipstick, start your lipstick application technique by making a ‘X’ on the cupid box and line your bottom lip. Then apply fully on your lips and even it out with a lip brush. Meanwhile, if you are using a liquid lipstick, apply a fair amount of layer to make the colour last longer throughout the day. For example, let the first layer dry on your lips first before adding on the next later.


4.     Set it in


Once you have your lips fully ready, set the shade it with translucent powder. The function of translucent powder is to absorb oils from the lips and allows the shade to last longer. Therefore, dab on some and you are ready to flaunt your gorgeous lips everywhere you go.


Do you have any excellent ideas on how you can make your lip colour last longer? Please share your tips as well down below.