[Beauty 101] Supermodel Secrets for the Natural Makeup Look

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Have you ever wondered how flawless supermodel’s skin look even on their off duty days? Whether they are hitting the gym, running errands or getting brunch, their skin never fails to have that perfect flawless look to it. It seems that they hardly have any makeup on. For those ladies who are looking on how they can actually pull off this supermodel natural makeup look, you can definitely achieve it by checking out these simple beauty tricks down below.

1.     Smooth Illusion

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You probably think you do not have the perfect flawless looking skin and it is alright. All you have to do in order to get that flawless look is to create the perfect illusion of it. Your two main products is to utilize the use of moisturizer and highlighter so you can get that glowing base. Also don’t forget to build up coverage on acne scars or spots on your face to even out the skin tone.


2.     Groom those brows

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Get that fleek brow look by simply keeping it well groomed. It is all about following your natural shape of your brow and having a nice solid arch. With the use of your brow brushes, you can definitely be confident.


3.     Mascara Power

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Mascara allows you to get away with minimal makeup even without people realizing it if you know how to use it effectively. Good quality mascara will help elongate your natural lashes which draw attention to your eyes. Try the good old black mascara and you will definitely love the natural bold feminine eye look.


4.     Add warmth

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Add anatural looking dimension on your face by using contour to your advantage. Apply it on your eyelids for natural looking sultry eyes plus forehead and side face to give that slimming effect as well.


5.     Subtle Lip

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To get that natural looking lip, always opt for a matte finisih. Choose shades that resembles close to your natural lip colour such as in the pastel range like nude or pink. Avoid using any gloss as it gives away that unnatural makeup look.


So are you ready to experiment with these beauty tips? Let us know any more secret natural makeup tips which women can apply in the comment section below.