Cheap Date Ideas That Don't Break The Bank


Truth be told, as many experienced couples would vouch for, dating is expensive. It requires money since you’ll be spending a huge sum of it on lunch and dinner dates at places that you nor your partner normally go, leaving your wallet to cough out air when you receive the receipt. As lavish as a 5-star hotel dinner sounds, let’s be honest, you're not exactly Jeff Bezos.

Whether you’re on a budget or just plain cheap, there certainly are many other ways to enjoy a simple date without having to break the bank. Below are some simple date ideas that we’ve gathered that are both affordable and enjoyable for couples who are tight on budget.

1.    Cook an easy meal together


Instead of the usual eating out, how about you save up some money and eat in for a change? Try whipping up an easy homecooked meal that you can do together even if you’re not a great cook. In fact, it is better if both of you don’t know how to work the kitchen, so you’ll have more fun figuring out the steps to make a mildly decent meal.


2.    Stargazing


In this hectic city filled with tall buildings and flashing lights, it is sometimes easy to forget how beautiful the sky is at night. This is an opportunity to take your significant other to an open field, look up to the starry night and appreciate how vast the sky is. Maybe, if you’re lucky, you might see a shooting star pass by.


3.    Have fun in IKEA

As seen in a scene in the romantic movie, “500 Days of Summer”, playing house in IKEA is fun when done together. You get to be creative in rooms with nice furniture that you don’t have to own. It could also be a testing ground to feel what it is like to live together.


4.    Go on an outdoor picnic


Going out on a picnic is another fun date idea that does not require that much money. All you need is a couple of packed sandwiches, some juice boxes, a clean mat, and a spot with a nice view. If you’re planning to stare into the sunrise/sunset, be sure to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.


5.    Binge on YouTube videos


If the both of you are just too lazy to go out, the easiest and cheapest thing you can do is to binge-watch on the millions of videos available on YouTube. With various contents that range from funny fails to adorable cat videos, there will always be something you and your partner can spend time watching.


See, it’s easy to have a good time with your special someone without having to spend much cash on things. Do you have any other cheap date ideas that you can share? Be sure to leave a comment below!